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Update 4

Started by Triskele
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I'm of course a bit behind on the ESO news but this just showed up for me. What do you guys think?

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I want to cry, they are upping VR to 14 levels. Darn it they are coming out with levels faster then I can can gain experience. I cleared an entire dungeon in Cyrodiil and my experience meter percentage didn't move at all and I took down the boss and everything. *bangs head on desk and reminds myself this is just a game* Seriously, I do love the game so hopefully the new content to level to VR14 is such a blast it won't be much of a grind. I don't play on PTS so I don't really have a first hand account for anyone but I sure someone else here does like to play with the beta content and will fill the rest of the class in on the details.
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