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Urgrok Gro-Koruum

Started by Lurgahk
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Daggerfall Covenant
Firstname - Urgrok
Surname - Gro-Koruum
Title - None
Sex - Male
Race - Orsimer
Age - 33
Occupation - Adventurer, Treasure Hunter
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - Urgrok is the standard height for his race, and has slightly smaller tusks than the average Orsimer. He usually shaves the sides of his head, leaves a long strip of dark brown hair and braids it back into a pony tail. He has a small nose, although compared to its size, the tip of his nose is long and slants towards the ground. He has a skin color that somewhat resembles a mix of dark blue and green. He's grown a short brown beard starting at his chin and upper lip, and going all the way to his the bottom of his ears. Physically, he is less intimidating than some of his other kin, as he hasn't strived to keep up physical strength.
Personality - Urgrok believes that he has learned everything there was to learn, and thinks all other beings are below his abilities and would think them not capable of even landing a punch on him before he set them aflame. However, this is clearly not the case, as he obviously not at the skill level of an arch-mage.

In some cases, Urgrok's arrogance may get the better of him and he will challenge someone to a duel. If the orc wins, he'll boast about his magic prowess, and if he loses, his first instinct is to delcare that his opponent cheated. But if he actually DOES respect his competitor, he will acknowledge their abilities, however as I said before, just beating Urgrok in battle does not earn his respect. That must be worked for.

Social Background/Backstory - Urgrok was born into the orcish stronghold of Koruum, located in the Wrothgarian Mountains. Like in many other strongholds, he and his kin all trained in hopes of one day defeating their father and chieftan, and take his mantle as the leader of Koruum. Urgrok was a bit more frail than the rest of his brothers, yet still, he trained vigorously, for what was an Orsimer to do, if not gain the title of chieftan? Eventually his brother, Guurtog challenged their father to a duel and cut him down. Due to this, Urgrok left as he decided that he could not come to slay this orc who he had grown so close with. In fact, Urgrok could not imagine cutting down any of his kin, for he cared for them too greatly to do anything of the kind.

For three years he wandered between the regions of High Rock and Hammerfell, always meeting new faces and the like. During his travels, he encountered a group of mages entering the forest, and on their way to achieve some sort of quest. They allowed Urgrok to follow, and eventually he realized the great power that could be unlocked in magic. He has trained in the art of spells ever since.
Best Memory - Mastering his first spell.
Worst Memory - Leaving the gates of his stronghold, unsure of what will come next.
Skills - Destruction, Conjuration, Light Armor
Challenges for the Character - Overconfidence, Arrogance, Hand to hand combat.
Birthsign - Mage
Religious Views - Although he is not a warrior like the majority of his kin, he still embraces the Daedric Prince of the spurned, Malacath. He does not worship the God Magnus, potentially a reason why he isn't an expert at casting spells.
Politics Views Victory for the Orsimer.
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Nice enough not a whole lot in the backstory though

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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