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Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Donat.
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Main ROLEPLAYING Contract work rules:
“For the Creator conceived that a being which was self-sufficient would be far more excellent than one which lacked anything; and, as he had no need to take anything or defend himself against any one.”

* This guild will be in all factions *

Requirements to join:

- Recruitment is currently open rules will apply once game is released~ (Age restrictions still apply)

- Must be a minimum of Level 5.

- Be a trustworthy person with integrity and loyalty.

- Must be at least the age of 16.

(Exceptions will be made for 14 and 15 year olds depending on level of maturity. Must complete a two week probation period)

- We will be excepting all level of game play styles from light, to moderate, to hardcore.

- Be willing to work with others and understand and except this is a structured guild that will operate as a team and a family.

-Understand and except that this is an adult based guild and language will not be censored.

-Racism, bigotry, closed mindedness, and sexism will not be tolerated in any way form or fashion in guild chat. All members will receive one warning. We are not here to bring each other down but up. Playfulness withing the guild with fellow members is understood. ~We do not take part in specific assassinations. NPC, or PKing unnecessarily~

-Commission will be given to members who have attained the 3rd rank in the guild.

-All commissioned members must fill out a profile with information regarding what level they are, what jobs are within there ability’s to preform, what they will not do, when they are free, how many contracts have they received and completed, and what they are willing to receive as payment. * The guild will provide a rating from all clients from past works of a commissioned member for client review. And whether or not a commissioned member is currently suspended or available for work.*

-We understand that this is a game and that well all have Real Life situations and issues that must be taken into consideration with that being said if members of any rank must take a leave please send a in game letter to a guild officer stating how long you will be gone. If none is sent then a member that is offline for longer then two weeks will be put of watch until the end of the following week. At the time the third week ends the member will be demoted one rank. If the member returns before the end of the forth week they shall be given there rank back. If they are not back by the end of the fourth week they will be removed from the guild. Once you return and find yourself removed from the guild you can request to be returned to the guild but will remain at the rank you where demoted to at the end of the 3rd week.

**More information on what we will provide as far as a guild to our members will come later on as more information is released about the game**

Also far more information is avail on the guild webpage.

Since the start of man’s first flickers of conflict we have stood above the rest. We, who exhibit incredible fighting skills, uncanny reflexes, overwhelming strength and agility unmatched by many. We, enthralled only by desires of our own making, choose to be driven by passions and lusts of worldly vices. We bare no longing for acceptance nor for tales of our deeds of our feats. Accompanied only by those whom only we have chosen, and unwilling to bend knee to crowns that could fall and rise as easily as the seasons come and go. We, whom despise the whip that is another’s command at our backs with the life of our brethren in their hands. We are great warriors of many different paths in life that have witnessed the folly of fealty to causes that are not our own. We have chosen to carry the mantel given to us by those who can never understand the true pleasure of life that is freedom. For lack of a better word, they fear and know us as Mercenaries.

For too long we have fought wars that have won countless Empires the right to rule! Toppled Dynasties with not but a blade and a bellies full of mead! Only to be discarded as wenches in the night. Forgotten and despised, looked upon with disgust for our chosen paths of solitude. Too long we have been regarded as dispensable deviants lacking hearts or souls! Left to rot in dungeons forsaken by the very nations who sought our skills and prowess! For far too long, we have allowed our kin to be shunned and mistreated!


From this moment on, we come together united by our vision of freedom! Propelled by centuries of neutrality that has been taken for granted! We do not fear siding with a faction! We only maintained our neutrality for the sake of the lesser! For once we take a side no others would dare stand in our way! Rally together, brothers and sisters, for from this moment we shall form a pact that will shudder entire nations to their core for fear of what they have roused! The unification of the mercenary brotherhood! We shall tame the mighty Tamriel and all shall be witness to what true freedom is. Once more into the fray, my brothers and sisters, as we descend from the heavens into the carnage! We are the UROBOROS DECENSION, and our unending rage shall descend forevermore into whatever battles present themselves before us!

This guild is a mercenary based guild. Meaning we will provide services to contract holders for what is deemed as payment. Only members that have guild commission will be available for hire. We will provide a list of members that are available for contracts. The guild will not specify what is considered payment to commissioned members. Each member will post what they want as payment. Payment will be based off of difficulty, time required, and goods used while in the service of contract holder.
*It will be the contract holder’s obligation to specify an exact outline of desired work.

*It is the commissioned member’s right to terminate service at any given moment if he or she feels that what they are being asked to do exceeds the perimeters of the contract.

(A report must be filed of the indecent to be reviewed for decision to see if the client is to be given a warning/ blacklisted from our services if repeat offender.)

*Payment for services will be rendered once contract is complete. If payment is not rendered, the client will be contacted to verify claim. Once verified, or if client cannot be contacted, said party will be blacklisted from our services. In order to be brought to good standings with the guild the client must pay double what was owed to the commissioned member and then will be returned to good standings.

*If payment is not given for contract the guild will ATTEMPT to offer payment equal to what was stated by the commissioned member as payment.

*Any issues regarding quality of work, stolen goods, incomplete contracts through member’s negligence, general issues, etc should be directed to guild leadership for review.

(In cases of stolen property by member regarding clients, proof must be present of crime. If member is unable to be contacted within 72 hours of allegation then the guild will ATTEMPT to offer payment equal to the value of said property. In cases of incomplete contract due to member negligence, a new member will be assigned to the client if the client is willing, to complete the contract.)

*If more than one commissioned member is contracted the client must pay every members required fee.

*The guild will take 5% from all jobs in the form of currency. Everything the guild takes will be put back into the guild.

*If guild dues are not paid after contracts are complete within 24 hours the commissioned member will loss his or her commission with the guild for a time equal to the amount of dues that are owed for first offense. If done repeatedly the commissioned member will be demoted. If the member gains commission again and continues to neglect guild dues then they will be removed from the guild.

*It is possible to hire the entire guild.

*Senior members, of high rank with many contracts under their belts that are highly requested, will cost more to hire.

All contracts include but are not limited to Questing, Raiding, Item Locating, World Events, Farming, Escorting, PvP.

Our foundation is to be a mercenary style guild. Our goal is to be renowned for our guild’s strength and integrity.
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UROBOROS DESCENSION (Tri-Faction) Comments
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
This info needs to be updated...
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