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[US] Deathblow - PvP/PvE - Aldmeri Dominion

Started by Vossik
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[Image: TkS0JIZ.png]

REGION: United States
AGE: 18+

[Image: s1gSswQ.png]

All the founders of Deathblow have been playing online games together for almost five years now. Some of us since 2005, in SWG (Bloodfin). We were in <PirateLords> and <RIVAL> on Bloodfin, then went on to create <SKUM> in preparation for Age of Conan, and Warhammer Online. Many games have come and gone, yet our core group has stayed together for years now playing various mmos and games, as well as participating in several established guilds.

We have now decided to again stake our claim in the guild community. Having led a guild before, having been a part of other long time guilds, and having witnessed different leadership approaches, we feel we have the experience to establish what we once had, and much more. We are looking foward to creating a FUN guild and community that provides a productive atmosphere, with like-minded people.

[Image: Jxww3Yr.png]

Deathblow is about having fun while establishing a home for friends and quality members to progress together.
Our goals are:
• Create a welcoming and fun gaming environment.
• Promote activity and dedication to our members.
• Maintain a self-sufficient in-game guild through economics, crafting, and farming.
• Achieve PvP and PvE excellence through teamwork and dedication.

[Image: 2xBr93i.png]

We are very low in numbers, and are still in the initial stages of creating Deathblow. We are seeking people like us that are active, experienced players, and love PvP. Leadership positions are open. Come have a part in creating a fun guild we all love. Whether you're interested in joining or not; all are welcome to register and join in our forum discussions. To those who are interested and/or took the time to read a little about us, thank you.
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We're still looking for dedicated people! Join a great group!
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