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Uthor Tyrane, bane of Vampires

Started by MortigaDawn
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Firstname - Uthor

Surname - Tyrane

Title - The bane of Vampires

Sex - Male

Age - 68

Occupation - Form. Hunter, Form. Scout, currently Captain over the 8th Covenant Scout Troopers

Faction - The Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance - An average sized, agile man with short, brown hair and a short beard, has several scars around his body, one notable which is under his right eye.

Personality - Loyal to the Covenant, careful, quiet. Hates Vampires, has Arachnophobia

Social Background/Backstory - Not much is known about Uthor's childhood, the first records of Uthor is when Uthor was 36 and lived in the outskirts of Daggerfall City as a hunter. At that time, he had met a sorceress named Alesta, whom he later married. Several years later in the wilderness the couple and a group of hunters were attacked by a pack of vampires, he personally killed 14, far more than any other, however, Alesta was killed and her body was dragged away. After that day, he was know as 'Bane of the Vampires', and he joined the army to forget that day. After a few years, he had risen to the rank of Captain and recieved a group of men to lead. As captain, He ensured several victories by tracking down messengers and alerting the Covenant of ambushes. During the meantime he honed his magic skills, specifically illusion magic, and thus being able to infiltrate the enemies and weakening them. He is currently fighting against the Nordic forces in the Mountains.

Best Memory - When he married his wife Alesta.

Worst Memory - When Alesta got killed and turned into a Vampire.

Skills - Tracking, Hunting, Lesser Illusion magic, Poisoncraft, Archery, Daggers. Great nightvision, Racial ability to naturally learn Magic, Agile, Surgery

Challenges for the Character - To stay calm when near Vampires, not get paralyzed when seeing a huge spider.

Birthsign The Thief

Religious Views Uthor does not care much for religion. While he still is a believer, he do not pray to the divines each day.

Politics Views He is very loyal to the Covenant, he does not like the Orcs alot, but he respects them. He is suspicious towards the Pact and he fiind the Dominion to be a real threat. He hates the Daedra and Vampires for reasons unknown.
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