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Uzgrok Gro-Yamog

Started by Took an arrow in the knee
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)


Titles-The Colossus, Titan, The Juggernaut, referenced as a Behemoth sometimes.





Faction-Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance-stands about 7 feet tall with "tusks" protruding 5 inches above his other teeth, with greenish-brown skin and thick muscles as hard as iron. He has long black hair in dreadlocks down his back with battle-worn features and plenty of scars and calloused hands.

Equipment-always wears a set of some of the highest quality Orichalcum armor, as well as carrying a shield and sword of the same type.

Personality-slow to trust but is fiercely loyal do those he does sometimes to a fault as he will put himself in a dangerous situation without hesitation to protect them. Also has a very short temper towards people who insult or discriminate against him or others, and is often reckless but follows orders to the letter and takes oaths very seriously.

Backstory-Grew-up in a stronghold near the Dragontail Mountains, and as a child was considered big even for his kind.

When he was 15 it was discovered he had an affinity for smithing and became very good at the trade and supplied the stronghold with weapons and armor, however in three years time a drunk imperial soldier appeared at the walls and demanded their surrender when questioned why he drew his sword and attempted to throw it at the sentry who in retaliation shot him in the head with an arrow.

As it turned out he was a commander of a regiment nearby and upon hearing news of their commanders death attacked and burned the stronghold.

Uzgrok wanted to stay and fight but but when the wall was breached the chieftain told him to flee, doing so Uzgrok wandered for weeks until he came across the great walls of Orsinium.

there he lived for seven years as a smith until he bored of that life and forged himself a suit of heavy Orichalcum armor and sword among the finest quality that can be found and set off as an adventurer.

Best Memory-His praise as a smith at a young age.

Worst Memory-Watching his father/chieftain die on the stronghold's steps without being able to help or die with him.

Skills-Master smith and of heavy armor, block, and blade.

Challenges-Knows he must rely on others at times but trusts almost none as the first encounter he ever had with an outsider resulted in the destruction of his tribe.


Political views-Follows Emeric because he believes him worthy of rule and has shown his strength in battle.

Religious views-follows Malacath.
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