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Va Khaj Dar, the Khajiit Guild.

Started by Qa Dar
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Qa Dar has asked permission from the Mane to turn his trade caravan into a fuulblown guild. The mane has granted this wish to Qa Dar.

Every Khajiit is welcome to join up for the great caravan to Elsweyr.

Once we arrive in Elsweyr, we will be able to help the Aldmeri Dominion in its war effort, as wel as ensure the trade in moon sugar and skooma goes uninterrupted, maybe we will, as the war progresses become the most powerfull trade caravan, and take the place of the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and the slimy Shadowscales, as we win their territory...

Our caravans are located at:


Va Khaj Dar, To be Desert Thief, is not only our name.
It is also our way of life.
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Daggerfall Covenant
Hey, Qa Dar. Feel free to submit your guild to our Guild List. You can create a page there and add this information as well.

I'll lock this topic, as specific guild discussions should be on the individual guild pages.

Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.

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