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vampire, werewolf - pros and cons

Started by antarian
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Hello everyone,
I tried to find some information but unfortunately I cant find anything specific.

Do you know anything about werewolfs and vampires? (which cons and pros they will have etc. )

I remember when I played dagerfall :) (loooong loooong time ago). I became werewolf and then I can became vampire too and I have benefits of boths :-) (I dont expect that its possible)

But I am pretty curious how werewolfs and vampires will works in Elder scrolls online :
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no info is avalible yet. :(
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I would guess werewolves can change for a certian amount of time and vamps have no stamiina regen in sunlight
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No info has been released about the stats. for both of them.
We can strongly think that the Vampires are weaker in the Sunlight.

Also from the UESP Wiki: +20 to Strength, Willpower, and Speed.
+30 to Sneak, Athletics, Acrobatics, Hand-to-hand, Unarmored, Mysticism, Illusion, and Destruction.
Immune to Paralysis and Common Disease.
+50% Resistance to normal weapons.
Vampire Touch spell, which Absorbs Health 10-30 points on touch. It will always have a 100% success rate.
Additional bonus based on the clan you've joined:
Aundae Clan: additional +20 to Willpower, +20 to Short Blade, Mysticism, and Destruction.
Berne Clan: +20 to Agility, additional +20 to Sneak, Unarmored, and Hand-to-hand.
Quarra Clan: additional +20 to Strength, +20 Blunt Weapon, Hand-to-hand, and Heavy Armor.
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