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Veil Of Sanity

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Hidden Sanity.
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About Veil Of Sanity
Main Recruiting & Titles Guild Story

We are a dark guild of professional murderers derived from the teachings of the original Shadowscales of Morrowind
Open to all who seek personal enrichment at the cost of social acceptance as that is what it is to be crazy. Since its original creation our covenant has opened its arms to all who's pockets are more important then their own blood.

We seek those who please in the spill of blood and that for the sake of our covenant shall renounce all sanity to Sheogorath. We accept all sizes and classes, but appreciate the discrete overall.

Our name shall send chills in to all who are marked as our pray monster or not and our wealth shall dominate the shadow.

Exile all sanity and may the hunt begin.

Members are knows as acolytes they work under the supervision of dark lords who are leaded by the Macabre Knights who take orders from Shadow hand and Insane King. The Insane King serves as The leader of the guild, the Shadow hand is the right hand of the leader the tactician and economist. The 4 Macabre Knights are the generals of the guild. The Dark Lords are the squad leaders (see Ranking up if you want this position.) and the Acolytes are the mass of the guild the normal members and new entries. There are also recruiters who judge an applicant fitting the guidelines for up to* 5 hours game time before giving him membership (may be done in several plays). Recruiter is an additional title that may be added to any guild member but he/she may only judge players his level or lower, he must pass a recruiter formation by the Spotter and upon 3 unworthy judging may be removed this title. A recruiter will receive a bonus of 500 for every player and receives an additional 1000 every time this player ranks up. All recruiters must fill a form and give it to the Spotter who manages the recruitment history and evaluation of judgments. The Spotter must report to the Shadow hand. The Spotter also overlooks all rank ups.

* A player fitting the guild perfectly may not need to do this evaluation and one may also be judged worthy before 5 hours is done.


Ranking up

One who desires to rank up MUST prove his lack of sanity by challenging and defeating a higher ranked player; if asked to rank up by a higher up; bribes are accepted in correct circumstance


Guild Size

The guilds goal size is 4 Macabre Knights leading 4 Dark Lords each who lead 5 Acolytes each for 83 members total. Upon reaching this modification may be made.


Known Members

Insane King
Hidden Sanity: (Rp) Cryptic Shadowscale (Leader)

Shadow Hand
Player with no proper name (Tactician and economist)

Macabre Knights
1:Player with no proper name (War General)
2:Player with no proper name (War General)
3: Ewilan: (Rp) Grima Ch'terin (Quest General)


Dark Lords




- Well Thought names are appreciated.
- Knowledge of the elder scrolls world
- Good character concept is appreciated as well
- Out of character chats are to be put in parenthesis
- no haters
- Must write and understand English
- Must honor the code and never insult or kill a fellow guild member

Veil of sanity saw its debuts within banished members of the thieves guild. Exiled for murder they couldn't complete their desire for personal enrichment. Viewing the black hand as a to rash alternatives to their ways they ventured out into Morrowind searching for a home of their own. Eventually they stumbled upon a injured Argonian next to a dead daedra, their first thought being lets kill him and grab the loot, they were dissuaded by the Argonians proposition: I will reveal to you the greatest secret of all of Morrowind if only you spare me and grant me one nights rest. They decided to accept, even if he was lying they were 4 and he was alone, they could kill him with ease. The next morning to their surprise he was up and running, the pale Argonian lead them to a door hidden on a moss covered cliff, inside they found a soul stone. Mad they turned to him and ready their weapons. He then replied this is the tool to our salvation. The whole world around them then disappeared and they were ridden of their sanity and granted all the wealth they could ever desire. A traveling High Elf passed near this place and suddenly saw all these men exit the door with gold. Seeing this wealth he decided to trick them into handing it over to them using methods which to this day are still ignored. Angered that they were tricked all five ventured all the way to the closest trading outpost to find the man. Once the man found he revealed having lost the money in gambling, after killing the fool they decided to make it their life to recollect all the gold they lost, an amount of 100000000000 gold. With all the money they had left they payed a high ranking economist to serve their guild naming it: veil of sanity.To this day their goal has never been reached but what better time than a time of war to reach it.


Battle cry

"May we profit from the death of the sanei"
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