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Velaskae Adalmaire

Started by Velaskae
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
I figured I should finally get around to doing one of these for future use.

Character Name: Velaskae Adalmaire (She's using her mentors family name for various reasons)

Sex: Female

Age: 24

Occupation: Ranger, hunter, occasional mercenary and sometimes murder for hire.

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance: Velaskae is an athletically built Altmer - due to her lifestyle - ropey muscles decorate her slender frame. Her pale golden skin makes her vibrant golden eyes appear harsh at times. She wears her messy white-blond hair tied back, apart from her unruly fringe which hangs in her face - she keeps it because she says it shields her eyes, but its probably kept out of vanity.

Personality: Velaskae has a hard time caring about the emotions of others, she also has a hard time expressing hers. She has found that subtle remarks, sarcasm and tactical bluntness (words are a weapon) are effective ways of communicating. She is very quick to anger, it is however, usually a simmering anger rather than an explosive one - she won't forget a slight against her, she'll wait and pick the best moment for retaliation. She's loyal to her allies, even if she gets frustrated with them. She is not in the habit of showing mercy to her enemies - why spare them and let them kill someone else? She can be quite stubborn - especially when she thinks she's right.

Back story: At a particularly young age Velaskae found herself at odds with her parents. Unwilling to back down and agree with their wishes she chose to leave home and fend for herself instead. Her ill planned decision left her wandering the forests south of Alinor. Rather fortuitously for her, she was found by an older Altmer woman - a ranger named Alleyne- who took the young Velaskae under her wing.
After years of travelling with Alleyne and learning how to ranger, Velaskae's world was shattered when her mentor was killed during an encounter with Imperial legionnaires. Velaskae made her way to Aranthia, and for several months waited, gathering herself as the crushing sorrow and grief she felt slowly changed to a vengeful rage. As an entity of vengeance she set out, hunting down and killing Imperials she found. One misstep however, had her staring down her own death, when swiftly Valandil and his rangers swooped in, saving her and recruiting her to the Rangers of the Dominion - a corp of Aldmeri rangers.

Best Memory: Something involving Alleyne - and she's not inclined to tell.

Worst Memory: The Imperials attacking her and Alleyne, and the following realisation that her mentor was dead.

Skills: Very good marksman - she boasts that she can hit a flying bird in the eye. Tracking, sneaking, infiltration, tactics, sufficient with sword and dagger.

Challenges: She tries to understand how others feel and to be more forgiving - forgiveness is very hard for her. She is sometimes blinded by her need for vengeance, leading to bad decisions. Her stubbornness can also pose a problem, she won't willingly change her mind or course of action unless metaphorically (sometimes figuratively) beaten over the head with flawless logic.

Birth sign: The Thief.

Religious views: She likes to think that she worships the Divines, however she only really pays them lip service - when she can be bothered. The Daedric Princes intrigue her, but she won't "worship" them.
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