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Velaskae's Grand Adventure

Started by Velaskae
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A/N: I finally decided that I should jot something down for my TESO character, and I'm too lazy to do a template + this is for my guild site (bonus points, 2 bird with 1 stone) and this is what I came up with while watching people do stupid things on youtube and looking at funny pictures. It's not too bad for 2 hours work I think.

Velaskae was a young Altmer, barely into her 100th year. She was born in Alinor, into a family of artists and warriors (who viewed combat as an art form) and was polishing her paint craft to follow the family tradition, with a little self taught swordplay when no one was around. Her family wanted to advance their social standing, as everyone was at heart, want to do; their goal for achieving this was to marry off Velaskae - the youngest daughter - to some 'Princeling' from Shimerene.
Of course, this was not to the young Altmer's desire, as she argued that she wanted to travel and go on adventures instead. An argument over her future ensued and her father kicked her out of home telling her to return once she had come to her senses. Unfortunately for him Velaskae was a very head strong young Altmer, and decided to strike out on her own. Of course, not having planned any of this, Velaskae resorted to camping in the forest around Alinor rather than return home.
On the second night of her grand adventure however, she was awoken by a poke to her to shoulder.
"Excuse me, what in Oblivion are you doing sleeping on the ground?"
An extremely hungry and exhausted Velaskae rolled over to look at her assailant, an older elf with a rather bemused look on her face.
"I'm sleeping. Well, I was." Self defence didn't occur to Velaskae.
"Why are you sleeping on the ground?"
Velaskae looked at the stranger incredulously. "Where else should I be sleeping?"
"In your home."
Velaskae scoffed. "They kicked me out. Besides, I'd rather be out here adventuring." She looked the stranger over, they were in well worn leathers, a sword on her hip, bow across her back and a quiver full of arrows. She suddenly felt very inadequate in her stylish, but dirty and ill-suited clothes.
"Some adventure, you're barely a day from Alinor and you look like you're about to die."
"Yes well, I didn't really think it through before I left." Velaskae crossed her arms, looking quite ridiculous as she was still laying down.
The stranger sighed, shaking her head. "Come with me child."

Over the next decade Velaskae was taught how to survive in the wilds; hunting, how to find water, how to hide, tracking. The stranger who was called Alleyne, also taught her swordplay, proper swordplay, not the 'terrible and impractical flailing' that Velaskae had been practicing, and all she knew of archery. They travelled and Velaskae got the adventures she had dreamt of since she was a child. They met Bosmer in Valenwood and Alleyne told her to not harm plant life while in Valenwood, as it would dishonor the Bosmer. They explored Ayleid ruins and hunted around Cyrodiil. Velaskae matured under the guidance of her mentor, learned to gather information and plan before acting, when relenting and escaping was better than fighting on, how to take an enemy unawares. She was taught to never forget where she came from, Summurset was her home, and no matter where her travels took her, she should think of home and do all she could to defend it.

All of this was to change one fateful night as they were making their way through Cyrodiil. The unrest and tension between the people of Tamriel worried Alleyne and she decided it would be safer to head back to Summurset. They had prepared a small, fireless camp for the night, just south of Skingrad. Velaskae had first watch, and she was playing with her messy blond hair while sitting around bored. She heard a snap behind her and she almost instantly moved to the now wide awake Alleyne, bow drawn and ready.
"Footsteps." Alleyne breathed, barely audible.
Velaskae nodded and peered into the darkness, trying to pick out their visitor. Then she heard it, more footsteps, atleast "Ten," she muttered almost silently.
She could feel her mentor shake her head. "Twelve. Armoured."
Velaskae, strained her hearing, trying to pick out the sound of armour, sure enough, a muffled clink or two could be heard. How were they even found, she thought to herself, they had no fire to give away their location and were hidden amongst the trees.
Her pondering was interrupted by the twang of Alleynes bow, followed by a thunk and a gurgle as little more than an outline slumped to the forest floor. Velaskae could now see more of the outlines, she quickly scanned around them, they were surrounded by, ten and a half...half? Oh tree in the way. She picked her mark on one of the closer silhouettes and loosed her arrow - she was suddenly grabbed and flung behind a log they had slept near for cover, arrows thudding into the log and ground behind them.
"Imperials.' Alleyne whispered into her ear. "This is bad, I'll draw them away and you make a run for it. I'll meet you in Arenthia."
Velaskae was about to rebut "Do as I say. Get to Arenthia." Alleyne pushed her students head to the ground. "Stay hidden until they come after me." And with that she rolled out from behind the log and to her feet, arrows already flying from her bow, and dashed off into dark.
"After her." Velaske heard, followed by the crashing of soldiers through the underbrush.
She darted to her feet, sprinting south, ducking and weaving through branches to minimise noise. Alleyne had gone north, she thought to herself, she would lose them easily in the dark forest and double back. She had to get to Arenthia before Alleyne, she didn't want her to have to wait for her. Everything became a blur and she kept running, the sun rose and she was momentarily blinded by the glare off of water. The Strid river lay before her, the border between Cyrodiil and Valenwood. She dropped to her knees, body aching and lungs burning as she began to almost gulp air down, attempting to catch her breath. As soon as she was able to stand she headed for the River, her throat was so dry but she couldn't drink from the River, it was salt water. She walked east along the bank, looking for the crossing. She kept scanning her surroundings, not only looking for trouble but hoping to see her mentor coming over the rise of the bank. Eventually she found the crossing and made her way into Valenwood. She stood on the other side of the Strid, scanning the Cyrodiil side for Alleyne.
She'll be in Arenthia, she thought to herself, definitely in Arenthia.

Velaskae arrived in Arenthia, asked around for Alleyne - to no avail, then paid for a weeks stay at an inn. One week turned to two, two to three and then a month. Four months passed before she finally accepted her mentor was not coming. The mer she owed her life to had no doubt perished at the hands of those Imperial soldiers, sacrificing herself to let her student escape. The cold realisation stung, and for the first time since Alleyne had practically saved her, she felt lost.
Talk of the new High Queen had reached Arenthia, and the Aldmeri Dominions preparations for war. Remember your home, Velaskae clenched a fist, defend it. She would do more than defend it, she'd fight to put an Altmer on the Ruby Throne, and make Alleyne proud.

@Velaskae on the NA megaserver.
<Glory Seekers> Looking for capable adventurers and people to chat with.
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I like how Velaskae had a strained relationship with her family concerning her future; which caused her to make a bold choice. It's a story that is relatable to many in today's society.

It was also saddening to see her hold on to hope that she would find her mentor again and then end up accepting that she may be gone forever.

Certainly not bad for 2 hours of work!

Character Profiles:
Endaros Ilmori - Buoyant Armiger
Sunrio - Aldmeri Justiciar

Taren Jucanis - Imperial Deserter (Used for The Black Shroud RP)
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Why thank you good sir.

@Velaskae on the NA megaserver.
<Glory Seekers> Looking for capable adventurers and people to chat with.
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