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Video - The Question Every Single Beta Tester Asks in PVP! :)

Started by Rooknova
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Here are some of our videos that are part of our allotted 15 minutes of ESO footage. Ziz has some great ones to add to it that will be ready by tomorrow.

But the real question is, "Should the game be designed differently so this question doesn't come up all the time?"

Enjoy, and if you can find spots to put them up (link) we certainly appreciate the help with our little amateur projects!

ESO - The Quesiton Every Single Beta Tester Asks in PVP :)

ESO - Trick to Level Two Weapons at the Same Time!

ESO - Skills Addiction!

PS - We can provide proof that we have permission from ZoS to create these videos. NDA has not dropped yet, but will soon.
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