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System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
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Guild submitted by Valinstride.
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About Voriplasm

"Everything in Tamriel flows down to Black Marsh," Shehs said.

As they slid through the water, Shehs explained to Scotti that the Agacephs were one of the many Argonian tribes that lived in the interior of the province, near the Hist, finding little in the outside world worth seeing. He was fortunate to have been found by them. The Nagas, the toad-like Paatru, and the winged Sarpa would have killed him on the spot.

There were other creatures too to be avoided. Though there were few natural predators in inner Black Marsh, the scavengers that rooted in the garbage seldom shied away from a living meal. Hackwings circled overhead, like the ones Scotti had seen in the west.

Shehs fell silent and stopped the raft completely, waiting for something.

Scotti looked in the direction Shehs was watching, and saw nothing unusual in the filthy water. Then, he realized that the pool of green slime in front of them was actually moving, and fairly quickly, from one bank to the other. It deposited small bones behind it as it oozed up into the reeds, and disappeared.

"Voriplasm," Shehs explained, moving the boat forward again. "Big word. It'll strip you to the bone by the second syllable."

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Me and some buddies from GW2 are creating a new ESO guild--since it's going to rock GW2. We pride ourselves on a respectful attitude to all and hope to have a lot of fun in pve, pvp, and casual rping.

Voriplasm isn't going to be hard core pvp, unless we just are. =) As of now we are a casual pve, pvp and rping guild and want input and events to be a group effort. We have an Argonian slant to our image, as we reside in the deep interior of The Black Marsh, but any Ebon Heart can join.

Once we get rolling, the website will be upgraded, and we will start talking about all the mechanics in depth.
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