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Warband of the Red Anvil |Moderate PvP/PvE & Crafting Guild|
Warband of the Red Anvil |Moderate PvP/PvE & Crafting Guild|

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Tristrem.
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About Warband of the Red Anvil |Moderate PvP/PvE & Crafting Guild|
General Description:
Hello, and Welcome to the Red Anvil! We are the Warband of the Red Anvil, we strike fear into our enemies dawning unique armor and striking blades made from our very own sweat and tears! We intertwine great craftsmen and warriors to produce the ultimate soldier! We are a “Moderate” guild for ESO. We love running events for Player vs. Player, and Player vs. Environment. We strive here at the Red Anvil to run a guild filled with players that are mature, caring and fun, however we still love to run events and play using VoIP Communication, so for that aspect we love Hardcore gaming however we do not want to be super strict and still want it to be a relaxed experience for anyone within the guild. Thus we are a “Moderate” guild. We focus on Player vs. Player more so then Player vs. Environment however we WILL explore all of Tamriel! We also strive to bring great craftsmen into our ranks! This guild has no preference on race, gender, class, or craft. However we do have a few rules.

Expected Rules:
There is no age limit, however if you do not meet the required maturity you will not be accepted into our ranks.
You MUST have at least (1) character who is a craftsmen of some kind (You choose what you want to craft but you must craft something in order to help out our guild with unique armor and supplies).
We highly recommend you having a microphone as well as the ability to use a VoIP communications program. (We have not yet settled on what exact program we will be using).
You must speak the english language clearly and easily.
You DO NOT have to be from the United States of America, we are an International Guild.
All Officers will be of respectable maturity, and have experience within the game or other previous TES titles or MMORPGS.
And as always you MUST have fun, or you can’t be in the guild =)

Other Useful Information:
We will be playing on the North American Server, however we will accept other players who play on the North American server regardless of nationality.
All guild events will be held based on GMT -5:00 USA Eastern Standard Time.

How To Join:

Private Message Tristrem the guild leader on these forums or visit and create an account to join!

(We are working on a website for the guild as well and will update with it is finished)
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Warband of the Red Anvil |Moderate PvP/PvE & Crafting Guild| Comments
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