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Started by cadian13
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Ebonheart Pact
I was reading the forums today and picked up a few referances to the table-top game called warhammer... I was just wondering which of the forums members, if any play, this game.
If you do by all means mention what game and/or armies you play as

As for myself, i don't really play as much as i collect....
my armies consist of:
LoTR: Rohan, the hobbit box set
warhammer F: Empire, Chaos
Warhammer 40k: imperial guard (hence my user name)

Bernhard the Scarred
Zeymah in the Bromlokiir clan
"winners don't win forever, and losers can play a good game"
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Ebonheart Pact
I did play but its been ages. Kept on losing pieces...
What I do have in small quantity

Lotr: Rohan
Warhammer Fantasy: Brettonians

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
I mainly just read the books and play the computer games when it comes to Warhammer.
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