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Started by Thomas Bérard
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So I had a look at the sorcerers skills and if you look, some look like they could be combined to make a good warlock character like from WoW.

Bear in mind you'll probably only be able to have 2 weapon skills 3 class skills/other skill trees and 1 ultimate. I'll be focusing on class primarily.

If I get things wrong please correct me and any of your suggestions are most welcome.

#1 So we have build number 1, this one is focusing on what I call the traditional Warlock style.

I would recommend the destruction staff and put any two ability's out of the skill you prefer.

The most essential I believe is 'Dark Exchange', restoring both health and magika at the cost of stamina.

'Deadric Curse' is a TES version of the whole DoT runes in WoW which is a traditional Warlock thing. You could make an argument for a mages fury just to give us some extra damage output other than the staff that is quick and instant.

Finally for our class ability's we are obviously going to have a minion. I'm not going to specify out of either two but that will be up to you to decide should you follow this 'guide'.

For the ultimate any will do out of the three, they all seem really good but we will see upon release.

For the armour I would recommend a mixture of all three armours. I personally most probably will go for a light hood/helmet, a medium chest plate and heavy gauntlets, possibly light or medium but probably heavy and heavy boots, possibly medium.

For the points ratio from magika to stamina I'm going to go 1:1:2 simply because of the dark exchange.

Also note I'll make another build once the vampire tree is released cause I have a feeling we can drain health in that one.

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