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Weapon/armor sets

Started by Apocalypso
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So I was just reading the Dynamic Gear Stat rolls thread and an interesting thing crossed my mind. Will there be/Would you like there to be set items, which grant some cool bonusses upon completition ? Set items like in the Diablo series, Tal rasha`s, Natalyas, Inna`s set etc. I`d like to see that. Like maybe Ysgramor`s set or or Nightingale set, if they even existed then.

And what could they be ?

ps. If it`s a standard to have sets in MMOs I appologize, haven`t played any yet. 8the most similar to it was Diablo)
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As far as sets go I'd love to see a set for every race in their races own cultural style and bolsters the races natural given abilities and even some sets from fallen races leaders like a set named after last Ayleid king or lords or Snow elves before they became the falmer but in Elder Scrolls sets have always been in the game where the bonuses come from at least in Skyrim the branches of the Heavy and Light armor but some bonuses are do to the unique armor set like the Deathbrand Armor set from the Dragonborn DLC plus I'm not sure how well the bonuses on armor and weapons would go over because of Enchanting people may like the idea but different classes like different things but like the same set look so allowing people to enchant there armor the way they want it.

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As a basic principle, I wouldn't mind. However, I'm against any "legendary" items existing on more than one character at a time. It really grinds against lore to have multiple people using items that there should only be one of. There better not be more than one set with a description of "Ysgramor wore this armor" active in the game world at a time.

By naming a set of armor after someone famous, that starts to grind against that lore. If they're going to name epic sets after something, it better be something generic like "sneak-thief's" or "Azura Worshiper's".

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Or make it a player-driven thing. Give players a set amount of names/name combinations that they can use (a slider maybe matching up words to make a title for a weapon) and as they enchant or craft an item name it. Then a player can make whole sets themselves, they will be unique in certain ways, and it's not like king emeric's armour is being copied fifteen thousand times.

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