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What Do You Expect From Racial Trees?

Started by Dreehv
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
I'm pretty excited about these, what sort of bonuses do you expect to see? I've got some fun ideas for Argonian. So I've fleshed out two "tiers" of perks/skills as an example.

Poison Spit (Tier 1 - Active Skill)(0/1 Rank)
Some Argonian possess the ancestral ability to spit poison at their foes. Are you among them?
You spew poison in a small area in front of you. This poison lasts 5 seconds on any enemies struck. Costs Stamina to activate.

Skirmisher (Tier 2 - Passive Skill - Requires Poison Spit) (0/3 Ranks)
The Argonian are well known for their hit-and-run guerrilla tactics, quickly inflicting grievous wounds and then retreating to allow their foes to slowly die.
Increases the potency of your damage-over-time effects by 5/10/15%.

Water Breathing (Tier 1 - Passive Skill) (0/1 Rank)
It is known that all Argonian possess the ability to breath underwater. While this is true on a biological level, to do so comfortably in combat requires a degree of practice.
Allows you to breath underwater.

Aquabatics (Tier 2 - Passive Skill - Requires Water Breathing) (0/3 Ranks)
You are truly at home beneath the waterline.
Increases underwater movement speed by 5/10/15%.

Histskin (Tier 1 - Active Skill) (0/1 Rank)
You are one with the hist.
You regenerate health over 20 seconds. Costs Magicka to activate.

Regenerative Metabolism (Tier 2 - Passive Skill - Requires Histskin) (0/3 Ranks)
Exposure to the Hist increases your ability to absorb healing effects.
Increases effectiveness of all healing received by 5/10/15%.

I'd like to see some creative perks for the other races!
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