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What happens after you pilfer something within a dynamic online environment?

Started by Midnite Moonroze
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What I mean is this:

It's going to be an online mmorpg type game.
We know that in previous single player Elder Scrolls games players can actively take things in the world. Like for example taking a sack of grains or pilfering a sword in a hidden cave.

From the Youtube vids the ESO developers say that players can pilfer things anywhere in the online game.

So my question is: What happens when one player pilfers a sword in a hidden cave? Would any other players be able to do the same thing because it respawns or is that sword permanently gone in that area?

Yes it's a very simple question but has massive consequences on a fundamental game mechanics level.

I'm going to keep looking on YouTube to find if an ESO developer has answered this yet.
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Basically: anything deemed public, like apples sitting on the stall of a marketplace or that sack of grain, you cash take at launch. After launch they will be adding in a crime system where things can be 'stolen' meaning certain things, if you just swipe them, who'll have consequences, like guards chasing you if you are caught.

Now for open world items, mostly you'll probably find items either as a drop or in chests. Drops can be governed by drip percentages and chests are special. They usually need to be unlocked according to devs. They will sometimes hold awesome loot from what I've been led to believe but you need to actually unlock it. Once it is gone it may spawn later nearby but you never low exactly where. There is an element of randomness i believe is the quote they use. You won't just find a sword lying around for free.

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