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What level should I start looking at trade skills?

Started by Burglesworth
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Aldmeri Dominion
I've gotten them all started, but I'm just not sure what all I need to focus on, especially for my level. I'm new to ESO, about 2 days new. Would love some help.

I'm playing a nightblade.
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Ebonheart Pact
My first suggestion if focus on the one that entertaining, enjoyable or liked. Doing so will adjust the perspective of the repetitive tasks from duty to pleasure.
Like all things in life, it's wise to begin with the clear goal set.
I wanted to excel in alchemy, so I picked up almost every plant and mixed randomly to learn. I also picked up all gear and made frequent stops to the three equipment stations to research and breakdown.
Since I know alchemy, I will state that as a nightblade you'll have invisible, weapon critical, and speed potions available for mixture. Invisible and speed may be combined. Weapon critical and damage boost may be combined.
In short, the sooner u start the better. I am only VR 12 and have maxed my alchemy around VR 1 or sooner. It's been fun. Master your pleasure and all will be easier.
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