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What Races We Will See?

Started by Kilivin
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Daggerfall Covenant
What I mean by the title is, when I go to the capital Daggerfall will I only see Orc, Redguard, and Breton NPCs? Because I see no reason why I shouldn't see the Khajit merchants that are so common in the other TES games. Not to mention just seeing a variety of all the races. I would hope that I see a variety of all the races in each faction's area as I feel it would make characters feel and look very repetitive given any amount of customization to not do so.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Yea I hope theres some variety in the populations too. It will be kinda dull otherwise, but how they would work this out lore-wise, Im not sure, considering theres a war going on. As Ive stated before, Im not real big on the lore so Ill let someone else hit that part of the question.
Theres your opening @"Sordak" let us have it. hehe

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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)

im fairly sure there will be NPCs of all the races represented. the main reason the PCs cannot go into other provinces is because they are soldiers of the chosen faction.
NPCs that are not of that faction or simply lived in the province before that shitstorm broke loose int he first place are most likeley still there.

I doubt youll see many foreigners in the Summursets or Valenwood mostly because of how the Dominion works.
Id also dont think that youll see too many Argonians. Actually im fairly sure that you will see none outside of the pact territories.

As for Khajiit. might very well be.
The Plague hit them hard it wouldnt suprise me if quite a lot khajiit emigrated north.

so yeah while the majority of NPC is most likeley going to be of your faction, there will be most likeley others too.
weve seen a screenshot of an orc in Skyrim already. unsuprising since there are Orc fortresses in skyrim.
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Totally agree with Sordak. Our personal Hero's story and goals will be shared among other real life players, but you have to know that not every single NPC Orc is an outcast or every NPC Altmer a douche. We're certain to find traitors and thieves of all races. Not to mention those with nothing to gain from holding fast to any allegiance at all.

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