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What Really Happened to Trinimac

Started by chevalier mal fet
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So, I've been reading up on orc lore lately.

I knew already that the orcs were once high elves who worshipped Trinimac, and were changed when he was transformed into Malacath.

What I didn't know was that Trinimac was transformed because he was eaten by Boethiah, who then stole his form to give orders to the Chimer, and that Malacath is actually the dung that Boethiah . . . defecated afterwards. Contact with the dung-Malacath turned the Trinimac-worshipping Altmer into Orcs.
(Source: UESP Wiki)

Now, this story strikes me as . . . off. It seems not just a little too crude for normal TES lore, but also too simplistic. Apparently, even Malacath described the story as "too literal-minded".

So I just want to put out an alternate theory, just for fun. Basically, what I'm proposing is this:

Boethiah did not eat Trinimac per se. Instead, he possessed him, and, in coming into such close contact with him, corrupted and damaged him. After issuing commands to the Chimer, Boethiah abandoned Trinimac's body (being? spirit?), leaving him ruined and broken as Malacath.

It's possible that this possession also affected Malacath's psyche. Trinimac was Auriel's best soldier. Perhaps Trinimac's warrior spirit was in his bitterness transformed into Malacath's belief in strength above all else.

As for the orcs, it would seem that their connection with Trinimac changed them as well well when he changed. Maybe they tried to worship him when he was actually Boethiah and were corrupted. Or they worshipped him after his change and were corrupted. Or maybe they refused to worship Boethiah-Trinimac and he changed them out of spite. It's all very ambiguous.

What do you think, Orcs? Do you agree with me, or are you going to stone the heretic?
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Symbolism of the myth is actually very reasonable and mostly agreed to be much cleaner. I like to think that Boethia may not have "eaten" Trinimac, but rather absorbed him (like Cell from DBZ would do) and what came out was probably heavily corrupted and out came Malacath who's corruption spread to his Altmer followers and we have Orcs. The "filth" that Boethia excreted could just mean corruption.

On the other hand, I have found that often times in the TES universe are more literal than symbolic, but even still if Boethia did actually eat Trinimac and took a Malacath-sized deuce, she might have done so to symbolically shame Trinimac.

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The tale of Boethia eating Trinimac, came from the Elder Scrolls Book called Lord of Souls.

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Orcish creation story at the temple zero.

It can be taken literally... and not. The Lord of Souls however implies that this is taken literally by the people of Tamriel.

It´s like Alduin, the world eater. How´s that black scaled dragon of medium dragon seize supposed to 'literally' eat the entire Mundus? Or even Nirn? (Also, the Alduin we defeated wasn´t actually THAT Alduin, who is going to eat the world)

He is actually only depicted comsuming souls up at Sovngarde.

And devouring/absorbing/eating is what happens a lot in TES, especially recently. Or what do you think happens when you or Miraak absorb a dragon soul? You eat up that darn thing!

However, it´s the Elder Scrolls! Vivec made love to Molag Bal while Vivec was in his giant form, Vivec 'attacked' Azura with his 'muatra', chokeing her, Lorkhan, who is Wulfharth=Hjalti=Ysmir=Talos=Arcturus=Septim=N (that guy from Pokemon Black and White) and you don´t want to know, what Reman did. And of course Kinmune, who appears to be queen Ayrenn.

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