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What's better? "soul splitting" or "consuming trap"?

Started by HalloweenWeed
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The name says it all:
What's better? "soul splitting" or "consuming trap"?
I am Lv14 Templar. Looking to morph my soul magic soon.
Which is better, and give args plz.
Soul splitting = fills two soul gems
Consuming trap = fills one soul gem and restores magicka, health, and stamina.

This is not a poll, bc too many ppl vote even though they don't know.
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I went with Soul Splitting.
I will never have it on my action bar while in a serous situation, only to farm up soul gems.
So therefor soul splitting works twice as fast.

There are better skills to use over it if you want to deal damage, or restore your own stats.

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The 200 damage of Consuming trap IV, might seem tad low. However the 10% restoration is pretty decent. At level 45 that is around 220 on STA/MA/HP for me. For a tank (Templar) is pretty cool to keep going into areas with many enemies, while soloing.

Especially add Repetance IV. That is 350 hp/sta 220 MA per kill.
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Pretty much exactly what Apoll and Avidus said.

Soul Splitting for utility.

Consuming Trap for combat.

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