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What should i do?

Started by AmalGhamlooch
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So I'm mainly focusing on the clothier and woodworking skill lines, I've reached lvl 11 but my clothier and woodworking lvls are only 4, is this normal? usually i deconstruct the armor and weapons i get from questing and drops and bank the materials i get from them. how can i level both these skills faster so i can invest more skill points in them?

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Well, as you appear to be working the same skill lines as myself, a humble tailor and carpenter... I will share my knowledge of a level 11 clothier and level 10 woodworker... The key is of course to collect materials in the world... Gather scraps of rawhide, hide, etc... and refine them into rawhide and hide respectively... Do the same with jute and flax and cotton... And Maple, oak and beech... Then make things, research traits, buy, sell and exchange items with others then deconstruct them... Read books as much as possible to find skill books for your crafts...

Clothier and Woodworker are not the easiest crafts to level but their principles are simple...

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you also need to concider that by the time you reach level 5 in those skills you can make stuff for LV.16 and up. i know it seems weird but it is always gonna be lower then your general level.

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