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Which class to pick?

Started by IvoryOwl
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Greetings everyone!

I decided to buy TESO as a new year's gift to myself and after some preliminary research on the classes I still haven't decided which one I want. Keep in mind I'm very much a noob so my knowledge is limited here but I've heard you're not "restricted" (in terms of gameplay) to the class you pick. Still, skill trees can be important sometimes which is why I'm undecided.

Without further ado let's go!

- I usually prefer supportive roles in MMOs (Healing + CC + De-buffs) with DoTs and Life-Leech skills as my main source of damage instead of bursts. I like to be useful in parties and be able to roam at relative ease on my own.

- Given the option I prefer to wear medium armor with bows and staves as my weapons. Light armor is ok too as a secondary option.

- I don't care about racial bonuses but I do prefer the beast races.

- My first character is going to be a goody-shoes, which means no stealing or invading unless necessary. Stealth is entirely optional.

So... which class do you think is better suited for me? :)
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