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Which execute ability scales better?

Started by Vilixiti
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Hi guys, hoping some of you math fiends can theorycraft me an answer for something I've been wondering about and is important in my class decision.

Which of these two execute abilities will scale better in terms of damage done? for nightblade

OR for sorcerer

Specifically I'm curious if one will far outpace the other in terms of end game.
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I have not used either one of those abilities, but those two spells work in such different ways, I don't know if they are a good comparison.

The reason I say this is because the nightblade's ability is a single target effect and the sorcerer's ability is a single target effect with an AoE added. So in a 1 vs 1 situation, obviously the nightblade's will be the best choice for raw damage, while in PvE or large scale PvP the sorcerer's would be best as you would catch a lot of enemies in the AoE splash zone.

According to the skill calculator at, the nightblade's ability deals 14, and up to 300% additional damage. If it is truly 300% additional damage, then 14*3+14=56 damage. (I am not sure if how the spell is described is how it will work in game, so this could be wrong. Such as if it is up to 300% damage, but not 300% additional damage, then it would only be 14*3=42)

The sorcerer's ability deals 10 damage, an additional 27 damage if the target's health falls to 20%, plus 5 damage in AoE. So far single target, 10+27=37 damage. Add 5 for each nearby enemy and you would need 4 nearby enemies to get 37+5+5+5+5=57, or roughly the same damage as the nightblade's. Now, you can morph the sorcerer's ability to deal more AoE damage, resulting in 11 dealt on AoE, meaning with 2 enemies you get 37+11+11=59 or just a hair better than the nightblade's ability. If the sorcerer's ability is morphed, then obviously it can deal much more damage in PvE (as a lot of PvE is going to be a 3 vs 1 solo ratio, and in group stuff you will tackle 3+ enemies almost all the time) and especially in large scale PvP (think of choke points like keep doors, and I could see the AoE easily hitting 5+ enemies at once).

So think about what you will like to do, primarily in PvP, and choose which one will fit your play style. Are you going to try and stealth behind enemies and engage them 1 vs 1, or are you going to stick with the group and take on large hordes?

As far as PvE and which will do the most damage, I would say hands down the sorcerer's based on the AoE.

Disclaimer - I have no idea what the damage of these abilities will be at higher levels, but I am pretty sure the damage for each will scale up as you level up, and I don't know if one might jump ahead of, or fall behind the other in terms of base damage.

Hope this helps, and perhaps someone else will add to this or correct anything I might have screwed up, lol.

Edit: I just realized you specifically wanted END GAME numbers, so sorry if I was of no use at all.
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