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Which Faction is the Most Naturally Balanced?

Started by bagofsteel
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Daggerfall Covenant
Specifically looking at racials (classes and all else aside), I believe that the Daggerfall Covenant is the most naturally balanced faction.

Here's an explanation according to each faction's three racial skills, which (I'm assuming) will account for a general direction of most character builds.

(These are the GENERAL/IMPLIED/MAIN roles for each race. I know that any race can be whatever they want, but some are CLEARLY better than others at specific roles.)
Daggerfall Covenant:
-Bretons: Sorcerers/Healers
-Orcs: Tanks/Warriors
-Redguards: Warriors/Archers/Assassins maybe

Aldmeri Dominion:
-High Elves: Sorcerers/Healers
-Khajiit: Warriors/Assassins
-Wood Elves: Archers/Assassins/Warriors maybe

Ebonheart Pact:
-Dark Elves: Sorcerers/Assassins
-Argonians: Healers/...nothing else specific... SWIMMERS

Based off of RACIAL SKILLS which will overall lead to other skills (although I know that's not happening), The Daggerfall Covenant should have the leading edge with a well-balanced composition. I'm rooting for you underdogs, that's why I'm gonna be a Rogue Khajiit Assassin fighting for the Covenant (also I'm not a racist SOB like the rest of my race from the Dominion).

Which Faction do you think has the best Natural Team Composition?
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Aldmeri Dominion
You must remember that pvp in ESO will not solely be based on balanced close-up combat. So a 'balanced' team of a tank/dps/healer is not necessarily the best way forward... Afterall they aren't ideal in Offense or Defense...

I believe that the EP will be heavily reliant on the Offensive while AD on the Defensive... DC will be somewhere in the middle... Jack of both trades you could say but master of neither...

I feel AD is a very good composition solely due to its light and agile nature. The Dominion has the best archers and assassins as well as mages... With the Bosmeri archers (With support from Altmeri and Khajiit ones of course) and Altmeri mages (With support from Bosmeri and Khajiit ones aswell) the Dominion has amazing firepower in ranged assault. Then we have the light troops of Khajiit and Bosmeri skirmishers making quick rapid attacks on the enemy with support from Altmeri light Infantry (In their amazing Elven Armour)... All this with support from Altmeri healers...

Also... I hereby brand you a traitor to the Dominion in the name of the Thalmor commission of the Coalitional Thalmor Government of the Elsweyr confederacy. Consider yourself an Outcast and outlaw in the eyes of your people and kin...

It's still not too late to return to Elsweyr and rejoin the ranks of Mer...
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Mer Over Man
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Daggerfall Covenant
Not Set
From a video i watched the dc was the most balanced alliance because the ad had too many sorcerers and ep too many nightblades.
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Daggerfall Covenant
It seems to me that EP is the most balanced and flexible. DC seems oriented to melee and survivability. Isilmo has it right that AD is oriented toward relatively light troops that deal a lot of ranged damage.

None of these appears to me to do more than provide a slight tilt. I seems to me that there is so much flexibility in a character build that any faction can put together a group consisting entirely of the faction's races, that mitigates any of their weaknesses and exploits an opposing faction's weaknesses. In any engagement, victory may be more dependent on tactics and logistics (e.g., how many and what kinds of potions are carried) than on minimax character builds.
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