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Who Deserves The Ruby Throne?

Started by Kruger II
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The new kingdom (whomever ends up seizing the throne) has to have an official queen or king for whom is in charge of their respected clan. But, would this position controls much of your time from the game? I can't find any threads, wiki links, encyclopedia entries, nor funny Samuel Jackson advice on the topic of the new ruler's (Divine forbid) responsibilities.

(maybe Im just not looking hard enough?).

I suppose if the leading of a faction is anything like it was in Conan, then any ruler might as well delete their account and start over. On the flip side though, would it be any better if you were promoted on the battlefield and nothing happened besides the fact that you got a special passive ability?

I feel my question morphing into this: just what is that special medium between having the options appointed to ruling over all in the realm and freedom to still enjoy the game?

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The crown is not the end. Cyrodiil is extremely organic. Not only do u have to earn the crown you and your faction must fight to keep it.

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