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Why Oblivion Is Better Than Skyrim

Started by LucidCow
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Ima start off by saying this is all for the RPG aspect of the games. Skyrim to me seemed like more of a wider audience, more modern type of game, whereas Oblivion is for the more hard-core RPGer's. This is just a nice list of the reasons i think Oblivion is a far better RPG game than Skyrim.


The quests in Oblivion are more fun and immersive. For instance, some are directed to every day normal Cyrodilic people problems like the "Go Fish" quest or the "The Potato Snatcher" quest. Then we get to the more fantasy like quests like "A Brush With Death"

In Skyrim it seemed to me like every quest you get is just the same old crap. "Hey, i need you to go to x ruin, slaughter your way through x many creatures and get a jem stone at the end with the possibility of a shout. It's just dull and boring.


What a complete turd-hole. I preferred the Mass Effect 3 one compared to this. In oblivion, not only do you get some kick-ass armor and a legal entrance to the council chambers, but also guards and people will recognize you for what you have done. Remember "ALL HAIL THE CHAMPION OF CYRODILL"?. You even get your own statue in Bruma for Talos' sake.

Skyrim? Well let me think. You beat the games easiest boss (i admit it is pretty fun if you have the correct dragon battle music playing) and earn a shout which is nothing compared to some others. You then get teleported to the top of that mountain to hear some crap dragon speech which means f*ck all. Then you're left with "Kill Paarthurnax or we'll hate you for saving the world". You kill him? Well then it's you gathering a maximum of 3 blades. Wow, 3... It would've also been nice if maybe after the main quest, or when you recruit the blades, Sky Haven temple got a few improvements - No i forgot blades like living in the dust. After you've gone through all the ending quest non-sense you fast-travel to Whiterun expecting to be praised but once again no. No one even f*cking looks at you. Could you imagine how cool it would've been to become High King? Or maybe even a Jarl of one of the cities you take over after the war questline. It's certainly what you deserve.


I went into Skyrim, not being able to hold back the excitement of playing as an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood again. I came out weeping like a little girl. In oblivion, guilds actually work like they're in real life. You walk around and hear about the 'fighters guild'. "hmmm" you think to yourself "i do have a nice battleaxe and heavy armor". So you join up and get faced with actual fighters guild like quests, for instance "The Desolate Mine". People hire you to protect and slay, not to run around on a personal vendetta against some were-wolf killing freaks who aren't even relevant enough to get their own armor. This works for all guilds. You join the Mages Guild, you get to do Magic jobs. You join the thieves guild, you get to do thief jobs. You also get, like the main quest, reputation and fame for completing some guilds. I know this kinda works in Skyrim, but there's no record of it for say if you want to buy a nice manor in Skingrad.

In Skyrim, it's all personal crap (a part from maybe the dark brotherhood). The Thieves guild has you running after a traitor leader. The Companions have you killing the silver hand (oh yeah did i mention how stupid it was becoming a member of the 'inner circle' after a few quests, or how disappointed i was at the 'sky forge' which could've looked way more cooler and been on the top of a mountain or something). The Mage's guild has you saving the world in some secret group or whatever. And even the Dark Brotherhood gives you some personal relationship to the Night Mother to let you skip all your way to Listener, even know it's a kinda pointless rank without the Black Hand. Oh yeah, that's another thing - becoming the faction leader. The guild questlines are waaay to short and you end up guild leader in literally a coupe for hours. In oblivion, the Mages Guild has you doing heap loads of fun quests just to get into the university (cooler than the College of Winterhold).

The War Questline:

This can't really be compared to oblivion but its just another fault in Skyrim i have to mention. Those of you whom have bothered to complete the questline will remember the pretty awesome start, but then the slow and repetitive castle sackings. Over and over and over, castle by castle, you win the war. I can see some sense in this for real life conflict but we could have seen more city sackings (just because you hold a castle the other faction has to move out of the city? wtf?), open field combat (like the battle for Whiterun before you go into the city) and more spy and sabotage work.


This is simple. In Oblivion you have pretty big cities. In Skyrim... come on, f*cking Morthal? Really? A city? I know you have to pay a bigger amount because they recognize it's smaller but that is no excuse. And then you have Winterhold? I know it's fallen into the see and all but at least expand the house debris to show roughly how big it was and give it some walls around the entrance if it was gonna become the capital one day.


People can actually be nice, did you know that? I can understand Skyrim is a bit more brutal and the time period and all but that excuse only goes to a certain extent. In Oblivion we see people having nice conversations and greeting you with a smile (unless you've done something bad). In Skyrim it's like everybodies p*ssed off with everybody.


It's a fantasy RPG game, not a simulator. Oblivion had you gazing for hours at immaculate views. Skyrim, you could probably cover your monitor with grey paint and call it a screen shot. Once again, like the atmosphere you can understand that it's Skyrim. It's northern and you do get a lot of snow. That doesn't mean you can't liven it up just a little bit though. Like the inside of buildings could be a much nicer. Yeah that's another thing...


Simple again, Oblivion has well designed buildings some of which have amazing designs inside as well. Skyrim is just dull and small and totally tremendous. Take for instance High Hrothgar - it looks like a block of flats. Or maybe the Blue Palace? It looks more like a castle to be honest. Homes as well, in Oblivion, purchased houses are far more fun to roleplay around in than the Skyrim ones.

Fame, Character Disposition and Ranks:

This ties in with most of the other subjects and is a must have thing when it comes to RPG roleplay. Fame - seriously, you could get sent to prison thousands of times in Skyrim and still the guards will treat you like an average joe. As well as this, fame and infamy to need to be recorded - with this Bethesda could've done something like in oblivion where you need to be famous to have a house in Skingrad. And as for ranks? By the Nine Divines, assault! assault! It shattered my mind when i saw that you have no ranking system in Skyrim. Character Disposition - Oblivion had a nice persuasion mini-game sort of thing to let you mend or destory relationships, or even just check up on them if you want. In Oblivion, everybody has a part to play so having and maintaining a healthy relationship with all you can is a must have. Skyrim only lets you perform the 'Bribe, Intimidate' sort of thing on certain people at certain times. There is also no way to view what your current disposition is with the people in the world. Roleplay - it's just f*cking ruined when you cant see your current status and authority within a guild. As i've previously said, Skyrim even makes you guild leader in an instant. I just can't... NO, NO, NOOOOOOO

So that's my opinion on why Oblivion is better than Skyrim. It seems to me that Bethesda concentrated more on aspects of the game like combat and voice acting (not numbers but quality). I just hope to high Aetherius that in ESO, most of these mistakes are fixed but even if they aren't they could get away with it because it's an MMO and not really the next chapter in the series so far. What are your thoughts on the comparison i ask?

Thanks for reading,


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Guilds: I absolutely think that Oblivion did it better than Skyrim. While in Oblivion you still became the leader, it was a much more gradual process. In Skyrim you're still just a little grub taking orders from everyone then suddenly you're the leader. Thief's guild by far was better in Oblivion. You actually had to be sneaky and steal stuff to get a higher reputation in the guild before getting better jobs. Hell, you snuck into the the IMPERIAL PALACE and stole an ELDER SCROLL. And you were expected to do it without getting caught. However, Morrowind did it the best. You actually had to have the skills the guild liked in order to advance. You couldn't be a two-handed warrior and advance in the mage's guild. You also didn't have to do every single job sometimes. You could do a couple jobs for this one person, and then completely skip this other person. There are multiple jobs to do in a guild in any given moment (with the exception of the thief's guild which was pretty linear).

Combat: Reverse order of guilds. Morrowind combat sucked. No magicka regen when walking around (only when bed resting). Attacks that just whiffed through the enemy. Spells failed. It was all just incredibly frustrating. Oblivion got better, but Skyrim took the cake (although having your damage influenced by your stamina was something they should have kept in Skyrim).

Magic: I like aspects from all three. Morrowind sucked because of the failing spells, no magicka regen and no ability to forget spells (possible on xbox but impossible on PC without console commands so they started to clog up your list) but excelled with the sheer amount of effects you could create, cast and enchant. Oblivion I think was a nice balance, but some things were just ridiculously easy and others were ridiculously hard to cast with the magicka cost and (once again) no way to delete spells from your list. Oblivion was great though because you enchanted based on your skill in the related magic tree and could use most any effect you knew from a spell. Skyrim was great for mages with the ability to dual cast and unlocking perks for your hard work, but it was terrible because there wasn't any kind of spell creator and the rather limited enchanting.

Progression: They all are pretty even, but I would have to give the edge to Morrowind and Skyrim. It's much harder to find the better armors in Morrowind and makes you actually feel accomplished when you do. In Skyrim you have the perks, which gives you new abilities that you can really make a difference (such as time slowing down when zoomed in with an arrow, quiet casting, staggering with destruction spells, etc) in how you play. Oblivion really didn't do anything to make your character truly feel stronger.

Items: I think Morrowind did this the worst (although that could just be explained by graphical limitations). I would say Oblivion did it the best. The items were designed well (except for maybe a couple pieces of armor). Every unique item had its own unique look. You had daggers, short blades, long blades, and 2-handed weapons for whatever style you wanted to go for. My favorite was the Ebony Blade (from Oblivion). It had that contrast of the black hilt with the ivory white blade that simply looked amazing. While Skyrim had some interesting unique weapons, most of the truly unique ones came from DLC stuff.

Game World: Morrowind hands down. Most realistic (well, as realistic as you're going to get). No fast travel: you had to pay for teleportation or Silt Striders. If you sucked at persuasion then people hated you. You could kill whoever you damn well wanted and all you would get is a little message telling you that they were important. You didn't get an arrow telling you where to go: you got a journal to keep track of directions that NPCs told you where to go (although I think they could still have given you a compass to tell you if a mine or city or castle was nearby).

Overall, I'm not sure which one is best. It really depends on what you want to get out of an open-world RPG.

Bonus point: Oblivion had the best Khajiits but didn't let you customize much while Skyrim didn't look as good starting out but at least let you customize it a lot. Morrowind Khajiits just kind of sucked since they couldn't wear boots or full helmets but at least they had real claws!

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If you can edit it please put an option for they are all good in their own ways I don't know what to pick.

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I can't really be a part of this, as I haven't played much of Oblivion (I've only finished the Mages Guild, the Thieves Guild, and the Shivering Isles), but I have some things to say.

(July 26th 2013, 02:42 PM)LucidCow Wrote: After you've gone through all the ending quest non-sense you fast-travel to Whiterun expecting to be praised but once again no. No one even f*cking looks at you. Could you imagine how cool it would've been to become High King? Or maybe even a Jarl of one of the cities you take over after the war questline. It's certainly what you deserve.

I agree that the endings were vastly underdone. You just prevented the end of reality itself. You deserve some more praise. This also goes for the DLC. After becoming leader of the Volkihar, you should be respected and feared. Plus, there should be a greater reaction when you blot out the sun. People shouldn't just nonchalantly say, "Oh, what's with the sun?" and go about their business.

Quote:In Skyrim it's like everybodies p*ssed off with everybody.

Everybody is pissed at everybody. The Nords are being opressed by the Thalmor and there is a bloody civil war going on.

Quote:It's a fantasy RPG game, not a simulator. Oblivion had you gazing for hours at immaculate views. Skyrim, you could probably cover your monitor with grey paint and call it a screen shot. Once again, like the atmosphere you can understand that it's Skyrim. It's northern and you do get a lot of snow. That doesn't mean you can't liven it up just a little bit though. Like the inside of buildings could be a much nicer. Yeah that's another thing...

I wholeheartedly disagree with you on this. I like the more realistic vibe of Skyrim. Oblivion is so saturated... I can barely take it seriously, if at all.

Quote:Simple again, Oblivion has well designed buildings some of which have amazing designs inside as well. Skyrim is just dull and small and totally tremendous. Take for instance High Hrothgar - it looks like a block of flats. Or maybe the Blue Palace? It looks more like a castle to be honest. Homes as well, in Oblivion, purchased houses are far more fun to roleplay around in than the Skyrim ones.

I don't know why you expect tough, dirty, Viking-esque people who live off the fat of the land to have bright, immaculate, opulent houses.

In the end, I prefer Skyrim. As I said before, I can hardly take Oblivion seriously with its graphics, animations, and voices. I do, however, agree that the RPG elements should make a return. Also, I do plan on completing the Oblivion questline so I can make a better judgement.

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At the end of the day this boils down to taste. There are many ES-fans who consider Oblivion the very worst of the series, some deem it the best one. Most will tell you Morrowind was where it was at, though ;)

I have not played Morrowind and Oblivion as much as I've played Skyrim but it's clear to see all games have their strong and weak sides. As I said, at the end of the day it comes down to what people like. I do agree the ending of Skyrim's main quests is pretty underwhelming, to say the least.

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I won't say that Oblivion is better than Skyrim, but it is almost as good, so I can easily see someone considering it better. :) Skyrim's main thing is that it feels slightly more atmospheric to me, and while Oblivion's ending is pretty great I guess I have a bit more of an appreciation for Skyrim's than you do (Sovngarde is wonderful in my opinion, just having it as the site of the final battle is great on its own). The visual direction is... about as good for both, actually. Cyrodiil looks bright and vibrant because it's the center of a still-powerful if declining empire; Skyrim looks dark and colorless because it's a cold, harsh land caught in fighting and civil war. They're both the perfect art direction for the two situations, I think.

Oblivion's cities are big? They're... about the same size as Skyrim's for the most part, actually, aside from the Imperial City.

(Also, I'd like to note that being hardcore does not make something better. It can even make something worse if it's just "hardness" rather than "challenge"; the way levelling worked in Oblivion is definitely an example of the former.)

They both edge out Morrowind and probably Redguard, are considerably better than Arena, and blow Battlespire out of the water.

Daggerfall has them all beat, though, between the political intrigue and the characters involved in it. <_< And if you want atmospheric (if absurdly long) dungeons...
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^ What she said I never got to beat daggerfall, but other than the graphical limitations it was probably the most interesting and the most actually like an rpg in every facet in fact they actually had to do the dragon break that happened before morrowind specifically because of that games multiple endings that they could not at the time transfer or have affect the next game.

As for which is better between the big three people have played well personally morrowind was my favorite, but it is dated and it is hard to go back and play. Oblivion I actually hated the main story as to me it was one long escort mission and everyone appreciated you to the extent they were like oh hey the guy who helped martin yay champion of helping people for no reason. Skyrim really I actually liked the dark brotherhood and I liked that it was so different than oblivion cause the fact is if they had stuck with a similar story it would not have worked out the same way or been as good they tried something new and for me it worked great I liked the falling apart dark brother hood I liked the little nods to oblivion and I liked that the listener you were in oblivion was so damn good that after he was gone they didn't know what to do. To be honest never liked the mages guild in oblivion in fact I avoided it same with the fighters guild. The thieves guild was so phenomenally better in oblivion and way more challenging.

As for the college of winterhold I actually really loved it until the very end cause it was a cliffhanger and felt very incomplete. I also did like it when I did the dark brotherhood and I suddenly was the listener but no one believed me cause it kind of had that am I crazy vibe. I did not like that almost every guild did that though. I also liked the main story of skyrim your right no one appreciated it, but at the same time no one ever saw you kill alduin in fact most people don't even know hes gone they just knew dragons were back thats it and guess what dragons are still back so did you really solve the problem or make the mall that safe I mean without their knowledge yes with their knowledge no cause they still have problems thats at least how I feel about the main story. I also gotta say I really liked sovengarde and the ending it was just very unique and looped back to the fact you can only post pone the inevitable.

The cities are all about the same size though vivec city and the imperial city are both bigger and maybe skingrad than a lot of the places in skryim but honestly it makes sense its viking culture and also skyrim has way more small little towns like riverwood and rorikstead than the others did.

I liked the companions in skryim a lot better than the fighters guild its a lot more interesting of a group of people and a lot more honorable and a lot less sword for hire which is just meh to me personally. I feel skyrim was also a lot prettier the vistas were much more rustic and natural oblivion was far to bloated for my taste. I would say each game is basically equal and the best way to play skyrim is to get the mods that add in rpg elements from past games and extra spells from past games cause thats what I do and when doing that well it basically makes skyrim the best one of them all probably other than daggerfall which hd remake anyone?

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The Oblivion quests were by FAR superior to Skyrims and I felt I was doing much more good as the Champion of Cyrodiil than the Dovahkiin. In fact I would go as far as to say Oblivion is the best TES game (imo which I am sure many of you will believe) but in Oblivion you had so much to do and made you feel so epic. Comparing Oblivion's thieves guild to Skyrims, Oblivion's Mages Guild to Skyrims College, Oblivion's Fighters Guild to Skyrims companions. Easy. Oblivion wins every time. I haven't even started on how epic the Arena and fighting the Mythic Damn was! Though I would say Morrowind's main storyline perhaps rivals or even beats Oblivion's (I think both were fantastic).

I just loved that game so much :')
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With the guilds Oblivion did it right. If you were in the Fighters guild you had to be a good fighter. If you were a stealthy guy, some of the quests were nearly impossible. With the cities, I disagree. According to the lore, Skyrim has always been scarcely populated and to change that would have been incorrect. The story in Oblivion was amazing. *Spoilers* I genuinely felt sad when Martin Septim sacrificed himslef and I felt angry when Lucien Lachance was killed. When Skjor died in the Companions, I nearly laughed seeing as he apparently killed hundreds of Orcs but died to like 5 nords. I don't think the dark atmosphere in Skyrim made it worse; I loved Oblivion's bright atmosphere but graphics make very little odds to me. The difficulty in Skyrim really annoyed me. It was too easy most of the time and then all of a sudden an ancient dragon flies down to me at level 15 and kills me in one breath. They did a terrible job in balancing it. Then the DLC's came out and they were even challenging on adept difficulty which was good, but the rest of the game was too easy on adept so it was unbalanced. For the most part I enjoyed Skyrim but I definitely prefered Oblivion.

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I liked the damp and dreary mood. I think oblivion's colourful look just looked stupid compared to Skyrim. I generally prefer gritty games.

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I like Morrowind the best.
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I think Skyrim was better than Oblivion in every way.
But I didn't think much of Oblivion. I always thought Oblivion was a step back from Morrowind, but with a graphical makeover.
Then Skyrim came and destroyed Oblivion, but didn't quite take on the exploration that Morrowind had.
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Take a look at this.

I agree with most of your points, I disagree with your complaints about Graphics, as the graphics are much better in skyrim, more than that the terrain is more diverse. The colors of skyrim are supposed to represent the rough mountainous life of the Nord People, and is also reflected in the architecture. It is supposed to be dark and sombre, Just as morrowind was dark, and swamp like in most places. The terrain in oblivion was less diverse. Oblivion it is bright and regal everywhere, the capital province, the luscious flora and great climate....untill the sky goes red!, if you know what I mean.

I would suggest to take a look at the reveal gameplay for skyrim, to get a feel of what they were trying to achieve to get some hinesight before you saw it with your own eyes, and try to remember what you felt like getting out of that cave from helgen and seeing bleak falls barrow in the forground...just like stepping out of that sewer and peering across the

The factions and guilds in skyrim were a bit disappointing, they weren't great in oblivion either but still better than skyrim.
With the companions you HAVE to become a werewolf...sigh, the mages "college" do not actually teach! they did in oblivion. The DB and thieves guild were good though.
As the above video will explain, In morrowind you really had to be careful what you do as to not disturb the stat quo with other factions.

When it comes to the dragonborn not being recognized for killing alduin and sorting the dragon problem out....he doesn't! no one sees him killing alduin...and the dragons still what is there for people to praise about?
In oblivion you face off the last oblivion gate and seal the gates, eveyone knows because they see the gates and you join in the battle for the last gate...of course they will praise you.

Out of the 3 recent TES games in fact the hero of kavatch is the less "special" of the 3 heros, it is martin septim who is the real hero in oblivion.

Dragur....oh my gosh...dragur, that is all there was in skyrim every tomb dragur. Yet again it is skyrim, there will be dragur, as there was in bloodmoon. but damn I am fed up of dragur.

Then again, what really destroyed oblivion was the leveling system! lowly bandits with heavy expensive weapons eveywhere, and the oblivion gates spewing out specific deadra at specific levels...that was a game breaker really!

I disagree that oblivion is better than skyrim! Morrowind is by far the best story (and game) of all 3, Skyrim the better looking, better combat and gameplay.
Oblivion is an amazing game, but it is my least favorite of the three.

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