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Why would anyone join the Daggerfall Covenant??

Started by CedarLilly
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
I understand purrfectly that some of you are unfortunate enough to be born in rocky, unhospitable Daggerfall and High Rock and ... um, umm, .... Orsinium? ... where is that again? Oh well, que lastima, but why are you siding with such a wimpy, materialistic covenant? Do you have to?

Merchantilism we khajiity with our skooma/moon sugar caravaans understand very well. But to make a whole polital front out of it? How do you expect to vie you trade to the rest of the continent that way? Some tell this humble khajiit that the Daggerfall Covanent was formed because the trade routes of the combined Bretons, Redguard & Orcs was doing so well that they want to take over the continent with it = sounds like Breton-speak to me. And you red and green folk do know that the Bretonia are half elf? It's where they get their elemental magicka from - don't be led into a trap. This khajiit gets around and tis just a friendly warning.

So you seem to have squishy, magik weilding half human/half elven beings who can arrange trade routes but cannot tank for themselves - seducing two strong warrier races to each side of them. What kind of battle array are you all gonna make?

Then the sword-swinging Redguard who are so skilled that their very sword-secret-society got entangled in making their own homeland continent sink! Yeh, uhuh, I'd want you on my side .... NOT!

Oh Orcs, you once were elven too although you never admit it. Don't you see how these two Races who've pushed you out of Orisinium again and again ... are stiffing you once more and just using you for your battle prowess? You are truley the mightiest tanks in Tamriel and the best armorers. To bad you can't organize your tribes' way out of a paper bag.

From this DC forum itself I have seen that you are boastful beings who thus drown your inferiority at the Toothless Lyin' Inn ... for isn't it the most insignificant and toothless who do the most boasting? I see no merit in your 101 reasons or even 10 reasons to join DC threads. Iexpected to be enlightened in the first post of why you all are here - didn't happen. Cats do not read when they don't have to. And I have seen by pictures that you align yourselves with the 300 knowing that you are vastly overpowered by AD & EP.

Well, parts of Elsweyr resemble Persia and our architecture is magnificently akin. So let me introduce you to one of our most ardent skooma caravaan masters:

Even our AD pets who watch it all during the caravaan trips think the DC is lame:

TESO - - Multiplayer: "M'aiq does not know this word. You wish others to help you in your quest? Coward! If you must, search for the Argonian Im-Leet, or perhaps the big Nord, Rolf the Uber. They will certainly wish to join you." M'aiq the Liar.

"Va Khaj Dar - Khajiity's united? M'aiq will join!" M'aiq the Liar
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This is why the taverns were created, keep the banter there please.

Two people with a common goal can accomplish many things. Two people with a common enemy can accomplish even more. -Mr. Gold

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