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Will instances be faction locked?

Started by smithy
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So as we know , factions maps will be locked to players from the other factions, we don't know how exactly but many people seem to believe that it will mean that players from other factions will simply not be able to access other factions maps or areas in any way, hence my question , will instances be faction locked too ? what I mean is will only players from the AD be able to run instances inside the AD zone etc etc
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If an entrance to an instance in EP is in an EP zone, then you would have no way of accessing it. But there won't be many instances anyways, mostly public dungeons, and you won't be able to access other factions' dungeons either.
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Faction locks actually just got blown out of the water today. It looks like you simply won't be able to enter other alliance territories until level 50, and that once you can, you will simply experience a different version (possibly partitioned away) from the one natives see, providing you with a lot of end game content.

Quote:In ESO, you choose one of three alliances, each with different zones, quests, and stories to explore. Once you hit level 50, you can choose to journey to another alliance's territory and experience a more difficult (and rewarding) version of those areas.

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