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Will there be stealth?

Started by abentwookie
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There was invisible stealth in Skyrim, you just had to get it.
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I dont think sneaking will work that well in in PvP considering they can see you regardless
Invisibility will be a very, very intresting aspect in PvP battles tough
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Yes there will be stealth, I'm not sure how it will work with real players but it will be in the game.

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I could see them putting the chameleon illusion spell as one of the perks for stealth. Maybe it's a passive effect that makes you almost impossible to see while stealthed.

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I think a good system might be similar the the active camo system in halo 4. For those who haven't played it, the player would hit a button (or crouch in this case) and be covered with a chameleon effect rather than being completely invisible. The level of your stealth might giver you a higher chameleon percentage. The faster one moves (or for eso maybe even the weight of armor) will effect your active chameleon percentage. In other words, the faster you move, the easier you can be spotted. Since stamina is consumed while in stealth mode, it could prevent it from becoming op. I think it would be interesting also that when your stamina is drained and you stand up, the chameleon effect just stops. Having a chameleon effect rather than invisibility would make it interesting too, a watchful guard might see the shimmer and get nervous making for a psychological battle as well

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