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William Hawksly

Started by William Hawksly
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'Here's to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an noble one. A pretty girl and an fulfilling one. A cold pint and another one!'

Name: William Hawksly

Race: Breton

Age: 30

Origin: The woods of Glenumbra

Birth-sign: The Warrior

Occupation: Mercenary

Relatives: With his mother having died during child birth and his father’s death during the ‘Battle of the Little Creek’ William has been left without any immediate relatives. However his extended family consists of all the families of that small woodland realm all of whom are grateful for what he, his father and those men who sacrificed themselves did that day.

Description: Slightly taller that the average Breton man and has the build of a man who has spent his life cutting down trees and living in the wilderness along with the scars to show that in recent years he has been cutting down things which can fight back. William is muscular without being over the top like a Nord, lean without being skinny as an elf and tough as leather. The young man ties back a thick mane of saggy dark brown hair, while clean never seems to be tidy and a stubbly beard of a similar colour. His face has chiseled quality to it with a broken nose and scar across his left eye only blemishes only add to his rugged qualities, however what catches people’s attention most are his eyes. These eyes seem to capture every colour of green imaginable and seemingly change with his mood, people would swear that his jade green eyes had been but moments ago turquoise.

[Image: EsLcQg9COS0.jpg]

Weaponry: Believing that the best defense is a good offense William charges into battle with two hand axes battering down his opponents with animalistic fury, just in case a backup is needed he keeps a large knife in his boot seethe.

Armour/Clothing: In the Breton’s eyes armor must be heavy enough to withstand some punishment while light enough for him to move quickly around the battlefield as such it mainly consists of a mixture of heavy and light leather armor with some chainmail and metal disks in areas with might need a little more padding. While rarely seen out of his equipment, when he is you can find him in boots, loose trousers and a light cotton shirt as it seems that William will dress up for no man or event (not that he is even invited to those parties).

Religious Point of View: While he honors all of the Divines on their appropriate days Hawksly pays particular attention to Zenithar and Ebonarm, believing that both work and war (at least for him) are tied together so you would do well to give both their dues and of course Arkay for what soldier would not pray to this god for life and if not that then a quick and noble death.

Political Point of View: While a merc William truly believes in the Covenant and its goals as such refuses to work with those who would seek to undermine it, this in turn has made him untrusting to outright hostile to those races who he believes are against them even if they happen to be fighting on the same side. Not that he is alone there has been lots of bar mutterings of insurgents and ‘turncoats’ when Nords and others from the Pact and Dominion began to join the Covenant.

[Image: elder-scrolls-online-21.jpg]

'A man may live after losing his life but not after losing his honour.'
Loves: Good food, good drink and a warm place to sleep, preferably with a warm companion. He also enjoys physical work, folk songs and a reading a good book by an open fire (preferably ones about great deeds and heroic champions).

Hates: Weakness in himself, werewolves and those who believe themselves above others be it due to their race, wealth knowledge etc…

Strengths: His physical strengths are apparent just from looking at him; strength, endurance and agility are all needed in his line of work. But William is more than just the sum of those parts, he is also kind, caring man who tries to do the best even if that would lead him into conflict with his employers. It has been known for him to give generously to those who need it and go to great lengths to rescue his comrades.

Weaknesses: All his caring actions can be seen by some as penance for his greatest curse, bloodrage. Once it fires up he turns into a psychopathic killing machine destroying all those who would get in his way, all one can do is either take him down or get out of his way and wait for the madness to end. It is dark force which he rebels against with all his might, trying to end fights quickly before the rage builds up. But he cannot stop it all the time and sometimes after the rage you can hear him weeping as he holds a woman or boy who has accidentally gotten in his way.

[Image: PBlXYP6wXOc.jpg]

It is said that those who are born into blood will come to live by it, no more could it be said than with the mercenary William Hawksly for his birth would mean the death of his mother due to complications with his delivery. Had he been born into a rich family or one who had lived in a town maybe she could have survived but so it was that his was a poor one living in the woods as such there was no saving her only keeping her alive long enough to see her son and name him William.

Some fathers would curse their children for their beloveds death and cast them away, not Williams. Though devastated at his wife’s death Alfred would not let her sacrifice go in vain, taking the boy he washed away Eve’s blood he would love this boy more than the gods themselves.

Though Alfred would never get over the death of his wife thus never remarry rising his only soon did slowly ease the pain, a source of constant smiles and joy young William was always welcome in addition to other households when his father had to go to work or join a hunting band to get rid of some threat to the local populace. During this time William grew into a strapping young lad able to fight it out with the best of the boys his age ad even take on some of the older ones, he was forever getting in trouble by picking fights with those he perceived as bullies.

When he reached the age of 8 as with the other local boys he joined his father in work, felling trees, preparing and bring them to the local lumber mills. Though much to the boy’s protests Alfred stuck to his promise and scrapped together enough coin to make sure William had at least a partway decent education. And later when he showed traces of magic the older Hawksly taught his boy as much as he knew on how to handle it then paid for a local medicine woman to teach the rest.

And so the years passed much in the same way, days spent in school or helping his father nights or time of spent learning magic. By the age of 13 it was apparent that William had reached the capacity of his skills as was expected of someone with no real magical lineage and so Alfred replaced that time with teaching his son how to properly fight. Though a far more tougher and exhausting experience (Alfred wasn’t one to lighten his blows) William enjoyed practice immensely and found he learnt these skills far more quickly and easily than spell casting or literacy.

Soon it became a local spectacle for both young and old males (along with a few of the more interested females) to come watch the two Hawksly’s battle it out with blunted axes. Alfred favouring a large hewing axe that he could make move like a quarterstaff, William preferring to use two hand axes which he could swing with such speed that they would sing. The evening air of the forest would be filled with song and bets by the locals as they watched father and son dancing around each other to the sound of clashing blades. By his 17th name day William was wining every third fight and by his 19th he was wining every second, it was obvious to everyone and Alfred that William would become one of the greatest fighters in the area.

Over the years the woods that the lumber mills screamed for had dried up forcing men to go deeper and deeper into the forests, looking for trees. The further they went the more they were trespassing in local werewolf territory, the locals knew this for their elders had made a secret treaty with the wolf pack guaranteeing their safety if they left the werewolves alone. However with no attacks in a generation many younger men strove deeper trying to get better wood and with either doing that or letting their families go hungry there was little the elders could do to stop them.

And so the pack retaliated.

The first to go missing where the O’Connal twins, they were both part of a group called Wolf’s Bane, merely a drinking group for foolish young men they had laughed at the elder’s warnings mocking their fear of ‘stupid beasts’. It would be 3 days before the twins bodies were found, least parts of them for they had been ripped apart limb from limb. The parts which left had been draped over a particularly fine oak, a clear warning against those who would trespass in their territory.

This did not result in the wolves’ desired effect and only enraged the local men, who began a slash and burn campaign against the woodland cutting down whole swathes of the forest and burning the undergrowth. The lumber barons only too happy for the increased produced provided sell swords and cut throats thus sparking off a vicious series of tit for tat killings known rather grandly in the area as the ‘Woodland War’. Regularly the men would gather together and go on hunting trips some were successful others were not so, the ‘stupid beasts’ proving far more cunning and furious than first thought.

Though reluctant at first William could not ignore the death of friends and was soon embroiled in the fighting much to the anger of his father, he like the other elders wanted the bloodshed to end as it was destroying everything. But the time for words was too late ad with so much blood already spilt their words fell on deaf ears, to make things worse the younger men began to seek the elders as weak and began to ignore the old ways and practices. Things seemed like they would come to a head not only between men and wolves but between the old way and this new one.

It would be a lone wolf attack that would end both conflicts though in different ways.

Throughout this conflict werewolves had never once attacked the villages, some would say that it was because they were too scared, they may have had a sense of morality but no one ever asked so no one knows. What is known is that one lone wolf attacked a home and while it did not get in managed to cause two deaths.

Julia Kennel was home at the time and heavily pregnant with her first baby, being not a very strong woman even at the best of times she had suffered considerably during that last few months. As such her husband had gone to the local medicine woman for some calming tea his wife had come to rely on. While gone the werewolf had attacked, unable to get in the shock of it induced early labour.
Neither mother nor daughter survived.
The bodies had only just been buried before the militia was forming up, no longer was this hunting raid this was a war of annihilation being led by Alfred Hawksly. The death of Julia and her child opened up something within the old lumberjack and out of it came a demon.
Alfred led a rapid campaign through the forest more akin to a rampage, they gave no quarter cutting down cubs and burning out pack dens. The forest air hung with the smell of burning fur and flesh as the quickly pushed back the pack, though they made several sallies nothing seemed to stand in the way of the old man’s fury.
It would be a small bubbling creek, barely more than a stream where the final battle would take place. The area was once home to the main body of the wolf pack, but they were long gone all that remain were 10 huge alpha males led by their even bigger pack leader a huge pure white werewolf covered in scares, it seemed to share much the same qualities of Williams father. Facing against them were 30 now battle hardened warriors lead by Alfred.
Suffice to say the fight was long and bloody, while the men had the numerical advantage the wolves had speed and sheer brute strength at their side. Had it not been for Alfred and William the fight would have been a rout, their skill at arms saved many a man a helped cut down the wolves. In the same respect the White Wolf was cutting through men like butter, it was all leading up to a clash between the two leaders.
When it came to it, there was no nobility in it or honour lost between them with man and beast using every dirty trick these old warriors knew. It would be a misstep nothing more or less which would be Alfreds undoing, dodging back from a powerful swing he slipped on a rock. This was all the werewolf needed as he smashed in the old man’s rib cage with his next swing.
Some whisper that Mehrunes Dagon had his hand it what happened next, others brush that off stating that watching his father being pummelled to pulp cracked something in Williams mind for this was the first time that the Breton would go through what he calls BloodRage.
When the man came too he was kneeling with his dying father in his arms, the remaining wolves having been slaughtered and the White Wolf was hacked into an unrecognizable lump of bone, meat and fur.
The battle was won, the wolves driven from their lives and William was a hero, however he no longer felt an attachment to this place. Instead he would do as his father wanted him to and make a better like for himself, though through his way.
[Image: wUW2U.jpg]

In recent years:
Since the ‘Battle of Little Creek’ William has wandered Tamriel from High Rock to Argonia (At least that what he says) and everywhere in between as an adventurer and soldier of fortune, to him not task is to big or small as long as the money is good and he doesn’t have to do anything to amoral. He took part in the raid on pirate cove, destruction of the Red Cult, defence of Obering, Battle of Partihion etc… the list goes on. All the while he has been battling with his BloodRage and spending lots of money on trying to find a cure but to no avail. Lately he has been looking into joining up with a mercenary group called the Band of Hawk which seem to him have a pretty good gig going on.

I have reposted my character sheet so i can get rid of the (WIP) next to my topics name.
I would like to say a big thank you to Took an arrow in the knee for all the help he has given me in this.
Also a thanks to Ri'Do'Ja for liking it even though it wasn't done.
Lastly a thank you too Triskele, without her CS's mine would not have a basis.

I hope anyone else who reads about this character will enjoy it as much as I have had making him up.

PS. Sorry for the massive background.
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This is actually a great bio!

The creation of events and characters creates a much more detailed character than just using the sources which are given to you. I didn't just learn about William's background, I learned more about lore and other characters besides. I really like that.

There's a huge amount of detail in this character's story, and his attitude is shown very clearly as a no-nonsense kinda guy. His political views don't contradict his stasis as a mercenary, as a mercenary works for money and Emeric promotes that. His religious views also reflect his skills and occupation.

Honestly, I don't think there are any flaws to be found here, and if there were, I wouldn't raise them as you seem to be much better at this than I am. Will this character be purely for TESO, or are will you be participating in teh forum RPs?

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This is so great bio it gave me a lot of ideas how to make my own bio (I'll copy some of the structure not bio, everyone should think own lifestory him/herself.)

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