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Wizards With Attitude : DC/AD/EP : PST USA : PVP/PVE/Guidance

Started by Hobb1T
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Daggerfall Covenant
Yea I have a guild, what of it?

So recently I opened my guild to the public, as I wrote a review for ESO and it hit top 3. I want to contribute to the expansion of this game to the best it can be. Despite the insanity I and the other members posses, we really are pretty chill. Most of the others come and go and currently its just me whose consistently on. I am hoping to change that soon.

I currently have a character on all factions (and with the One Tamriel update, the factions wont matter). I have two max level on Daggerfall and Aldmeri.

I only ask for:

18+ (All of us are over 18, even if it doesn't seem like it.)
Some sort of mental disorder.
Netflix and chill required.

I have a discord server that I'll be opening up to people soon.
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