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WTS Imperial Edition Code

Started by skychaser
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As the topic title says, I have an extra Imperial Edition Code that I am looking to sell. I've made sure that this is all fine with ESO and they are happy for me to do this. For those who are unfamiliar with the rewards received by the code, you receive:

-Ability to play as the locked Imperial race in any alliance (racial bonuses to health/stamina etc.
-White Imperial horse mount unlocked for all characters (can be purchased from mount vendor for 1 gold - a significant saving on other mounts).
-Mud-crab vanity pet
-Ritual of Mara item (allows you to perform this with a friend so you receive a significant xp boost while leveling together).

Obviously looking around, it is difficult to gauge a price for this in terms of gold, but I am happy to negotiate etc.

If you are interested, please PM me so we can discuss :)

Thanks for reading.
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