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[Xbox One][Ebonheart Pact][PVE][PvP][Crafting][Social]

Started by 816ickness
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-About Us-
We are a new guild for the Xbox One version of Elder Scrolls Online (eso). We play on the North American server and we are part of the Ebonheart Pact. We are a pretty laid back guild but we still play competitive. Our guild is as of now is focused on player vs player (pvp) and player vs environment (pve). We are also also open to crafters too. Theres a lot more to come and will update with info as it becomes available.

As of right now the guild is open to anyone who wants to join but will soon change once we have enough members.

-How To Apply-
You can message on xbox live @ (Devils Swagg) for an invite or info. You can also leave your gamertag in the comment section.

-Members & Ranks-

Devils Swagg (Nightblade)

Bloodknight04 (Sorcerer)
BollaOnaBudget (Templar)
Chazarelli (Dragonknight)

Shattered (???)
Brutal669 (Dragonknight)
Silus BLACK (Templar)




ItsDonavan (Templar)
Doc904 (Knightblade)
McVader (Templar)
SLiM3Y GriM (Dragonknight)
corton80120 (Dragonknight)

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