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<XBOX ONE> Shadows of Sithis AD PvP
<XBOX ONE> Shadows of Sithis AD PvP

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by tim25.
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About <XBOX ONE> Shadows of Sithis AD PvP
Main Events Trading Guild
About Shadows of Sithis
Has society rejected you and your taste for blood? Deemed you an outcast, monster, or murderer? Sithis accepts you. For he is the true creator and understands our taste for blood. Our Family, Shadows of Sithis, walk in the night following Sithis and his will. We will take the ruby throne and spread his influence across all of Nirn!

Our Mission

To build a friendly and goal driven community;

to use coordinated force, build alliances, and use battlefield strategy to take over cyrodiil.

What makes us, us?

An ESO community- We are an ESO dedicated group. Being friendly and having a good personality is more important than being a v10 with the Sword of 1000 Truths and being a complete annoyance.

Semi-Hardcore- I say this because we will have scheduled events, use strategy, chain of command, and are goal driven. However, its ok to have a life out of ESO and other friends.

Military Based- Like 95% of guilds out there we are a military inspired group. The only reason why I felt a need to put this in is that 2 of our 3 Guild Leaders are US Marines. Therefore we know how a military group actually runs.

PvP Based- The main focus of this guild is to organize a fighting force and work with other guilds in the campaign to take over cyrodiil. We will partake in guild created PvP events, the battle over Cyrodiil both on the large and small scale, and take advantage of all things Cyrodiil has to offer. However as a community we may throw together some PvE events and of coarse trade.

Misc Details

Xbox One Guild

Aldmeri Dominion

We accept all Races

Preferred ages 17+

Large Scale PvP- We will be coordinating events with the entire guild to take keeps, outposts, etc
Also we will be working with our Allied guilds to further take over Cyrodiil

Small Scale- Will be using small teams to take resources
Will be working with guilds of other Alliance in order to arrange dueling and small scale skirmishes

PvE- Will be doing PvE events in order for guild mates to get to know each other better.

Don't worry about missing events. As long as you make an honest attempt to play with the guild we understand. We have lifes outside of Nirn.... Well some of us do.
We will be hosting a sub trading guild. Member ship is not required of SoS members. As well as its not required to be a SoS member to join.
The guild is a public guild. It doesn't matter what your race, alliance, age, or any other restrictions. Just sign up on our forum page at:
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