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Xetic Federation
Xetic Federation

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Beowulf.
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About Xetic Federation
Main The Code Ranks/Members
- Focus: PvP and PvE
- Recruitment: Open
- Website:
[align=center]- Alliances: Va Khaj Dar, Aldmeri War Council, Radiance, Direnni Brotherhood, Council of Magnus, Hellfire, Cult Of Xibalba, Resolve, the Lost Faction

- For more details on our alliance and their guilds vist:

Our Goal:

is to create a great community and fellowship for the members of the Xetic Federation dedicated to the pursuit of Excellence and In-game Progression. MMORPG's are more than just video games. They are certainly a source of entertainment, adventure and escape/relaxation; however, they are also a social community of friends and most importantly to us a competitive arena in which to test your skills, wit and patience. With that in mind, the Federations mission is to provide a community framework in which members can participate in achieving these goals. We say participation because you will personally get out of the guild what you put into it.

Our Motto:

is "To push the envelope and be at the forefront of cutting edge content" but do so in such a way that there is still room for friendship and and willingness to help those that might need it to move forward. It is a spirit of giving, respect and adventure that we seek. It is this mindset that we deal with our fellow members and those outside our guild.

Xetic Federation History:

is an alliance that during the dawn era of the MMO EVE held the record of most players under one banner - somewhere in the region of 5,700 players/characters.

Xetic was created in the beta testing stages of EVE as a trading alliance. Three guilds were part of its creation, these were X-Traders [XT], Colossus Technologies [CT] and Eclipse Tek Inc. [ETI]. The alliance name derived from the initials of these guilds.

With the close of the beta test of EVE, ETI became inactive, with some members joining Colossus Technologies at the launch of EVE. Hegemonic Core [HC] was a close friend of the remaining two members and were quickly brought on board as a replacement.

As alliances were formed, and began to claim space, XETIC decided to bring in another corporation within the XETIC fold, eXceed Inc., and others under the banner of the Immensea Federation [IF].

During spring of 2004, Infinite Improbability Inc became the first and last to be brought up from Immensea Federation into full Xetic membership as a sign of appreciation for their dedication and comraderie. Shortly after 3-I's elevation, Xetic and Immensea Federation reformed into Xetic Federation to further Xetic Federation's goal of becoming the second working democracy since the inception of the Gallente Federation Alliance on EvE online.
The Federations Code:

is built upon the strengths of noble character and close teamwork, the Xetic are an Honor bound alliance.

Members of the Alliance shall maintain the following codes:

1. Civility. You shall carry yourself with dignity and not resort to trash talking or great amounts of coarse language in public. Without dignity, we have no honor.

2. Family. You shall defend fellow members of the Federation with your life. If you see a fellow member in combat, you join them and help destroy their enemy without question. Without strength in the guild, we have no hope.

3. Honesty. When speaking to your fellow members, you shall never lie or bend the truth. We must be honest and open with each other when speaking in our sanctuary. Publically you shall not lie either, but you may refuse to discuss certain subjects. If we cannot be true to one and another in private, we shall have no ability to stand as one in this world.

4. Righteousness. Do Good. Be kind. In your own way as circumstance allows. Help people who are down on their luck, help your bretheren grow stronger, fight the denizens of Darkness. Each of us, in our own way, must create a positive impact upon our world no matter how small. If we create no impact, we may as well not exist.

These are the codes we shall follow. They are not great in number, but they are elegant in their simplicity.

General Player Conduct:

No dishonorable conduct will be tolerated. Potential violations include activities that violate the user agreement (EULA) or that is in violation of ZeniMax Online Studio’s rules of game play. Some dishonorable activities do not violate the EULA, but would give our guild a bad name. This list is not exhaustive, but it is a good reference: Kill Stealing or interfering maliciously with another player's combat, Interfering with other player/guild activities events, Dishonest trade transactions, Dishonest participation in Looting, Spamming messages too often and/or wrong chat channels or generally making an ass of yourself.


Enforcement of the code of conduct is every guild member’s responsibility. Discipline actions will be taken ASAP as needed by those Officer's currently available online.

Disputes among guild members should be resolved by a "Judgment of Four." If a councilor is contacted about a serious dispute with another member or another player, that Councilor calls upon 2 other officers to hear arguments from both sides. The four Councilor express their judgment of the situation and their recommendation for an appropriate remedy. The majority decision prevails. If a member can not abide by the ruling, they should not be a member of the guild.

Guild members who violate the code of conduct or who can not abide by judgments of the guild council will either be removed from the guild or placed on probation by reducing their rank to Trial. Trials are under a 1 month evaluation period at which time their acceptance (or return) to the guild is decided.
The Guild Master:

is the leader and has the sole power over the affairs of the Federation he/she is the final authority on all internal and external matters. He/she has the sole power to sign treaties. The Guild Master can create any office and appoint any member to that office at his/her sole discretion. The Guild Master shall designate a replacement should he/she retire.

The Federation's Council:

Is the governing body of the guild consisting of a cabinet of a High Councilor and four Councilor's. All issues that affect the guild, as a whole, are to be voted by the council.

- The High Councilor shall be the second in command of the guild. He/she will help the Guild Master govern over the guild and shall be in charge of the Federation if the Guild Master is absent.

- Councilor of Internal Affairs shall be in charge of all internal matters in the guild such as recruitment and education.

- Councilor of Foreign Affairs shall assist the Guild Master in representing the Alliance abroad.

- Councilor of Financial Affairs shall help with the economic growth of the guild.

- Councilor of Military Affairs shall be in charge of military engagements.

Non-governmental Ranks:

- The Rank of "Soldier" is reached by showing that you are loyal to Federation.

- The Rank of "Advent Soldier" is an Elite Member that has been chosen and agreed on by both the Guild Master and the Councilor of Military Affairs. These members have earned the honor of becoming such a member by proving that they are worthy.

- The Rank of "Officer" is the last rank that can be reached without being a government member. They are members that have been with the guild the longest or have been government members.

- The rank of "General" will serve as the officers of the military and will help the Speaker of Military Affairs in his/her day to day duties. General's will be appointed by the Councilor of Military Affairs with unanimous approval of the Guild Master.

Guild Members:
Beowulf: (Rank: Guild Master)
iSxy: (Rank: N/A)
Cacildis: (Rank N/A)
DaedricRoulette: (Rank N/A)
hornet241: (Rank N/A)
KrXss: (Rank N/A)
LightningLiz: (Rank N/A)
littleeagle.mason: (Rank N/A)
Maxius Gro-Nak: (Rank N/A)
Ninja2112: (Rank N/A)
Skooma addict: (Rank N/A)
Zanssibar: (Rank N/A)
Roderick Grey: (Rank N/A)
Nist-Oisi: (Rank N/A)

Note: All current ranks with the exception of "Guild Master" will be further decided and remain "N/A" until the "Beta" is release.
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Abisu, iSxy, Nist-Oisi, stainondawn

Xetic Federation Comments
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Nice guild, I would like to join!
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
(February 6th 2013, 07:26 PM)iSxy Wrote: Nice guild, I would like to join!

Thank you, iSxy for showing your interest in our guild; while we do accept freely anyone whom is interested in joining we ask, but for one simple thing before officially joining so that we may as a communtiy get to better know you as a individual. A application shall be inboxed to you, simply fill it out and you shall be accepted into the guild.
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
I'd be interested in joining, may I have the app sent aswell?

A Proud Member of the:
-Buoyant Armigers-
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
(February 8th 2013, 04:59 AM)Roderick Grey Wrote: I'd be interested in joining, may I have the app sent aswell?

Thank you, Roderick for your interest please check your inbox.
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