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Ye Olde Brotherhood - EU Daggerfall Covenant - 17+

Started by Flumbooze
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
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Ye Olde Brotherhood is planning to be a social guild that will mainly focus on mastering the PvE-content that Elder Scrolls Online has to offer. We want to progress through the content at a steady pace while still keeping our laid back attitude. Ye Olde Brotherhood is a group of friends, we make jokes now and then. If you are highly sensitive, this is probably not the place for you. If you can find yourself in this, it could be that you’re welcome to Ye Olde Brotherhood.
  • There is no leadership in Ye Olde Brotherhood. Everyone that joins is a new friend. Ofcourse, every person has his role in Ye Olde Brotherhood but decisions will be made by the whole guild rather than a single person or council. This goes from changes within the guild to accepting new members. This doesn’t mean that anything can be done without consequences. There are people assigned to step in when things get out of hand.

  • You are skilled at playing the game. Don’t misunderstand this, I do not ask you to deal the highest damage or use the best tactics. But we need you to understand the mechanics of the game and try the best you can.

  • You can accept criticism and take jokes. If you have done something that could’ve been done better, you will be told so. Use it to improve yourself. It has probably nothing to do with you as a person, so do not take it personal.

  • You take initiative before fights and/or content. This does not mean signing up for a meeting, as that is self-evident. This means looking up information before you participate. What known strategies can you use? What can you expect from this content? Nobody has the time to hold your hand and guide you through all the content.

  • As you are exploring the game, you want to learn. This goes with the point noted above, but goes further. If you see that your current tactic doesn’t work as it should be, change it and see what works better.

  • While you are playing with us, pay attention. We have got no use for people that go AFK in the middle of content or are busy watching a series.

  • We are friends. We are brothers. We are Ye Olde Brotherhood.

If you read this and decide you want to be part of Ye Olde Brotherhood, you should write an application. You can either send me a PM with your application or go to our forums and create a thread there. Same goes for questions regarding the guild. Visit Ye Olde Brotherhood!
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Ye Olde Brotherhood - EU – Aldmeri Dominion – 17+
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