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Yea Verilly: Rangers of Power!

Started by Nadas Gindu
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
RRRAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH! After 10,000 eras i'm free!

[Image: 75K9aTT.jpg]

[Image: nOX5E8L.jpg]

Itis time to conquer Nirn!

[Image: dRwcaUV.jpg]

Ayem, Ritazz has escaped!

[Image: wMpVvjg.jpg]

Get me adventurers with attitude

[Image: 38guGl1.jpg]

[Image: zrE7wbE.jpg]

Two shifty dunmer creep through an unassuming home in morrowind. The dark elves, Vulyne and Nadas, were sent there on the behest of a thinker of the Morag Tong. They had to be sure not to spook their target. For who knows what this man had to do in order for the writ of execution to come with such a reward .

Nadas threw a thick steak on the fire.


"Nadas you s'wit what are you doing?" asks Vulyne

"Cookin'" responds Nadas as he looks for a wine cellar.

"NOW you're cooking? Didn't you hear what the Thinker said? About this execution being dangerous? And how this man could be tied to the brotherhood? And if he wakes up we're as good as dead?"

"I hope he has a hearty red wine. Oak cask. Goes best with red meat" responds Nadas.

Suddenly, without warning Nadas is teleported to a strange room!

((It is a roleplay jump in by establishing a character and have them be teleported to the strange room))
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"For the glory of Mephala"
Associate of the Morag Tong
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haha funny. Now I have the mighty morphan power rangers theme song stuck in my head.
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