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Yea Verilly: Rangers of Power!

Started by Nadas Gindu
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Welcome to my interactive roleplay comic thing! I will attempt to illustrate an RP!

Okay this RP will have a group of 6 rangers fighting the evil Ritazz's monsters! If we get 6 and you still want to join thats okay too! I want this thread open to anyone who wants to participate as a bad guy or w/e.

First thing, we need a team of adventurers with attitude! So just have your character be teleported to Zordonis's lair and we can get started!

Rules: I control Ritazz, Ayem and Zordonis.

No other rules I suppose, have fun!

"For the glory of Mephala"
Associate of the Morag Tong
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