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Your favorite RP universe?

Started by Thorfinn
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So, what is everyone's favorite fantasy world for RP, forum, in-game, and any other kind you can think of? And why?

I think my personal favorite is the Star Wars universe, especially around the time of KOTOR/SWTOR. Its such a huge, diverse setting, with advanced tech and so forth. But it also retains a wonderful mysterious quality, the Force, unknown planets, exploring star clusters ect, the sheer size allows so much to happen.

TES is obviously a close second, purely because there isn't quite that size and feeling of an epic journey/quest that you can get in the SW universe. However, probably in terms of pure lore its often wonderfully interesting, different versions of the same story told in the in game books, history skewed one way or the other, bias and so forth is worked into the lore and makes the history of Tamriel much like the history of earth. As a RL history student I love that aspect of TES.
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I think the Elder Scrolls would be my favorite universe for RP, even though I haven't particularly RPed too much in it (unless you count the musings in my head as I played the games.) It has that deep fantasy world feel to it but without that sort of tacky campiness that might be found in the more high fantasy sort of universes. Instead it's somewhat grounded; with a bit of grit in its world and people. It's pretty unique in many ways from its history to the cultures presented, without losing any sort of depth.

I like the Star Wars universe a lot too, though I don't like some of the creative liberties taken by some of its many authors and designers. I like the mix of a merciless and diverse galaxy; filled with all sorts of different creatures and people-- and the dynamics once they all come together. But I don't like things like the guy from the Force Unleashed taking out a Star Destroyer just because he's a Jedi. I played SWTOR for a while, but I didn't like the direction it was going from a game design perspective. Also some of the art design definitely didn't make me feel like it was a Star Wars game.

I can't say I have anything to add as a favorite RP environment. Lots of other universes just aren't for me.

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Difficult. I love a lot of things, maybe too many, and that's why I always have issues sticking to one "thing for me". You also see it for example in my playlists - I think I have the least sensible music-library ever on my PC. I like many styles and many cultures, I guess that's why I also always have to make a load of alts in whatever game I play.

Anyway, I definitely loved LotR's universe when I played LotrO, although the Victorian nature of my character (Elf) tends to get restrictive, as most of the world, because it's all fairly set in stone which leaves little room for creativity. If I'd really have to pick what my favourite universe has been so far, it has to be Hyboria (Age of Conan). Low-fantasy, with cultures and countries that were mirrors to our own world, which made it (to me, an old culture-fanatic) all the more easy to relate and to get immersed, because it felt so close to home, yet it wasn't. On top of that, I loved the grit and the brutal realism that world had to offer. It wasn't fluffy or sugar-coated, it was messy and dirty and corrupted and dangerous.

I know ESO won't be exactly that, yet I'm hoping for a similar feel in terms of maturity. I had really prepped and pumped myself up for GW2 and the RP there, but the universe just felt way too fluffy and corny in the end. It's all fun and games in Tyria, with lots of colours and extravagance. It was nice, but not something that fully immerses me. And immersion is key.
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My favorite fantasy universe is Arda, but I have never done RP in that setting. I enjoy TES for RP'ing.

I never had thought of the Star Wars universe, but you're right I think it would be a really good universe for RP.

When I was a kid I used to read the Redwall books and thought they were awesome. Not sure about doing any RP in that setting, but it would be different that's for sure.

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