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Z'hadyn Dual-Sword

Started by Hobado
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Aldmeri Dominion

Name: Zhadyn

Age: 20

Uh Gender forgot that...:Male

Race: Redguard

Faction: Daggerfall Convenent


Body: His appearance is unlike any other in his family, strange, since his family resembles him the most. His dark brown, middle length dreads are cut on the side, while he leaves it hanging. His eyes are a bright hazel which compliments his dark skin tone. His face is clean, and cleared with not a hint of a scar, and his lips are full. He is very lean and muscular, but his height and weight doesn't show it. He is only 5"6 weighing 128 lbs. Most of his muscle can be seen in his legs, which can be compared to that of a steed. His feet are smaller than average, which makes it easier for him to manuver around tamriel.

Flaws: His lack of height and weight causes him to look weak, his enemy often tries to take advantage of that.

His hair often gets in the way of when he runs around, It is still unusual for him to run around with his long hair, since his family is known for shaving.


His leg are shapped like a bow, it often makes him a bit of a clutz, when he accidently trips over his own feet. It sure gives his friends a good laugh.

He only has one arm, it gives him a huge Handicap when it comes to fighting, but it never stops him from fighting.

Clothing: Born in the Alik'r dessert his clothes are often flashy, and exposes his arms. From time to time he likes to wear red hoods, that resembles his heritage, but doesn't take away from his own personal taste in clothing. People often mistake his regular red hood of that of an Alik'r warrior. His armor is light, making it easier for him to run. His body armor consist of a simple chest plate to keep his vital heart from being intact and leaves his stomach exposed to off. His trousers are normal, and black that has steel metal around his hips. It makes him feel a little safer.

Character Traits

Personality: He is very calm and collected, he often let's his companions due the talking while he sits back and observes. He only chimes in when his words are needed.


Cockyness: His fighting skiils are above average, even though he is smaller than the average redgaurd, this makes him cocky, since his enemies tend to underestimate him.

Confident: He is very confident in the way he looks. This doesn't make him uptight, but when his own reflection in the water, it makes him stop to enjoy the view.

Sensitive: If someone were to talk ill of him, he wouldn't be afraid to respond. It takes a lot for him to overreact, but it isn't impossible to push his buttons.

Pet peeves: Hates it when people ask him about his arm.

Hates it when people talk about others behind their backs.

Hates it when people talk to their pets with baby talk.

Hates it when people chew with their mouths open.

Hates it when people have poor hygiene.

Back story:

Well (God I know nothing about Hammerfell) He was born in hammerfell, and is the only child. His father was a well known Mercenary, along with his mother, so he was born into a "fighting" family. He grew apart from his father and mother since he appeared to be smaller than his other companions, and would often get beaten in fights. He felt like his life was going to be short lived when his father kept telling him that "Only the strongest survive Zhadyn, that is why I am hard on you." He knew that his size would make him less of a warrior, or so he thought...

He strives to be the best with a sword, and he stopped at nothing to to get better, practicing from dusk and dawn with a sword. He was faster and quicker then his companions, and he used that to his advantage. This made him have hope again. It made him think that he could be a powerful warrior in his father and mothers eyes. When he was only fourteen he set out a path for him to travel to Highrock, in which he met his best friend....wait for it...

Xandr! A young and aspiring mage! Though their first encounter was rough, since Xandr tried to take Zhadyn's coin, they manage to help each other out. Xandr looked pasted him being a redguard since, the some of the bretons that Zhadyn met, would often make fun of him saying that "redguards are too dumb to use magic". It only made Zhadyn want to practice the arcane arts, and his friend Xandr was their to help.

It was shortly after him living sixteen years. He felt that he mastered his swords, and he felt like he could take the world by storm. It was a perfect oppurtinity for him when he stumbled upon a group of bandits, attacking an innocent bystander. It was his chance for him to play hero and show himself how much has learned. One by one the Bandit's fell to his sword, and alas the bandit chief was the last one to live. The bystander was long gone, before they could give him a thanks, and it was a duel to the death, him and the bandit. The bandit struck his own steel axe on his armor, waiting for Zhadyn to attack saying " Are you ready to die...Redguard?" It was then Zhadyn charged at the bandit, with his left hand in front of his right. His attacks had heavily damaged the Chief, and made him fall to his knees pleading for mercy. "Zhadyn pointed his blade at the Chief that taunted him. It was time for him to say his heroic line "This is why people like you are el-" The bandit smirked while heaving his axe in an uppercut motion. Zhadyn's eyes widened out of shock and his adrenaline didn't even give him a chance to feel the pain.

His arm...gone in one fellow swing as the chief fell to the ground. He was now sixteen, and living with one arm. He felt helpless, wandering around highrock, regretting the day he helped the innocent bystander. He spent a year trembling in his own sorrows, sleeping from inn to inn, and thinking of that old breton male that he saved. " Only the strong survive..." It was then he heard a sutble melody, coming from a bard. The music brought warmth to the heart, and it just came from a lute. He looked over to see a woman hiding under her own hood, and sitting next to a pillar. He simply gave her ten coin. She took off her hood and with out looking at him she said "Thank you for the coin." Zhadyn couldn't help, but to look in the eyes of the woman, they way grey and pale, It made him wonder about himself. It was the last time he saw the woman. The experience brought hope into him again, just from a lute. At the age of seventeen he then started the practice of conjuration.

Worst Memory: Seeing his own arm fall before him.

Best memory: Hearing the subtle sounds of a lute.

Fighting style: His father had taught him the ways of the Alik'r warrior, making him an expert with his swords. This was rendered when his left arm was decapitated from his body. Which he then became a practionist in the art of Conjuration.

Conjuration: His enemies are often fooled by his demeanor, seeing that he only has one arm. It is now in his advantage, in duels when he peforms a spell bound Arm causing him te temporarily weild not only a sword, but have an arm( Equivilant to that of daedric armor....). It helps when he uses archery, which is the only way he would be able to us archery.

(Blah blah blah still in progress...

Sorry for being lazy, but I am too out of it to edit... :( I will later I promise :3

:O Oh... I need to edit this...

Some of this was made when having a talk with a Ragnar :).)

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I think it's got some very interesting concepts it just needs to be edited and added to and fleshed out and made a little bit more clean and get rid of some of the clutter like the Uh gender and that kind of stuff. I also think his build is a bit strangely described and kind of makes him sound a little um awkward if not exactly normal perhaps even deformed.

Over all though its a good start and the armor part and the unique features like that are probably the best addition and an interesting way to use magic and stuff to fit a character like this.

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