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Zarxces Reads Faction Lore - Ebonheart Pact (Part 2/3)
by Zarxces, The Video Guy — Category: Lore Articles
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This one was a delight to do as I begin to think more into the Ebonheart Pact and how genuinely strange the alliance they hold is. It is the most unlikely combination anyone could think of, but it works brilliantly!

This series so far has been fun and up next is the Daggerfall Covenant! If you enjoyed it and wish to see more TESO based content along with other fun games please be sure to subscribe to my channel!

Thank you all, and I appreciate getting to post to you all. Take a moment and thank your moderators, and all of the other great posters here at TESOF! They keep the place running!

Thanks again, and you guys have a good one!
- Zarxces

For those who missed it: Aldmeri Dominion Lore Read -

I also have an Oblivion series going on as well you can watch it here:

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