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Zenithar's Finest
Zenithar's Finest

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Smurfius Bretonman.
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About Zenithar's Finest
Main Focuses and Govt. Rules and Worship
We are here to represent Zenithar; even in the hardest of times. We Bretons and Redguards, with our few Orcs, only wish to maintain a well kept society during this great war. We've tried to have the clever merchant Khajiit of Elsweyr to join our guild, but the damn Aldmeri queen has them in too much of a debt to allow any sort of diplomacy between factions. We even turned to the well trained craftsmen Argonians and Dark Elves of the Ebonheart Pact to help us with maintaining a society, but those arrogant Nords saw it as treason. We do not wish to have war, but we will fight if necessary.
We are a small scale guild specializing in trade, exploration, and role play.
Lore book collecting is a must, and any sort of cross-guild trading is widely accepted by us.
You want money? Don't steal to get it, please.

Our government is a monarchy. The king of the guild, Smurfius Bretonman (not his IGN), controls a lower branch of ten executives within the guild chosen by the king to be a sort of "parliament" called "The Enforcers". Any and all subordinates have freedom within the guidelines listed in the "Rules and Worship" tab. You will be assigned to a group with one of 11 leaders to complete dungeons or a small scale battle in Cyrodiil. In the event of a large scale invasion, all available members of the guild must report to the nearest uncontested fort.
1. Do not steal. Punishment will be put in place according to item value.
2. Racism will result in punishment of either temporary banishment, or 10 minute mute within the guild chat.
3. Cursing should only be used lightly. Severity of the situation will be judged by any available enforcer or the guild's king.
4. If caught helping a member of another alliance, banishment will ensue.
5. Failure to defend a contested fort will result in loss of daily payment from the guild.

We allow worship of Zenithar, Mara, Dibella, Akatosh, Julianos, Kynnareth, Arkay, Stendarr, Malacath, and passive Daedra.
We do not condone worship of Daedra that are evil (aside from Malacath out of respect for orcish religion), but ones like Azura are okay, and Talos worship is not allowed for lore's sake.
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Zenithar's Finest Comments
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Greetings, I would like to discuss a possible alliance with Zenithrs Finest. If you guys are interested please visit our website or shoot me a message and we can discuss further. Thanks!

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