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Zephyr Coalition: Daggerfall Covenant | PvP | PvE | Social | Crafting

Started by reaper_chris13
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Very proud to be apart of this website and say that I am officially recruiting for this game and currently working on a website.

Focus: All aspects of the game. The overall focus is to enhance the game for our Guild Members.
Council: 12 members (Eventually appointed by Guildies) who meet weekly to improve Guild activities.
VOIP: RaidCall (Little unknown at this moment, but I've been using it for awhile. It is free, allows a ton of people on one server, is very user friendly, and has little to no effect on your on your CPU or internet.)
Website: While we have an Enjin site currently I am working on a new site specifically geared towards ES:O and hopefully eventually geared towards everything.
Recruitment: Any and all as long as you are willing to learn the game and from your mistakes.

The focus of our Guild is to bring players from all types of playing styles and create a dependable community amongst gamers. Where people can organize PvP, PvE, questing, or maybe just exploring in a dangerous zone. The main focus of our Guild is to enhance the overall game for all of our members.

The Council: The council will start off with 11 selected members by the Guild Master. Who will meet on a weekly basis and discuss Guild affairs. The roles include PvP Coordinator, PvE Coordinator, Recruitment, Event Coordinator, and Allegiance Adviser. These roles are designed to improve the Guild and the jobs should not be taken lightly as each coordinator is in charge of setting up events that cater to Guild members seeking to tackle their aspect of the game. I'm not sure if it will be implemented again, but there is a strong chance it will be.

Guild Rules:

1. Respect: We ask that you respect all people, especially members of the guild.

2. Failed PvE/PvP/really anything: Learn from your mistakes do not dwell on them.

3. Age: 17+ please, if you are younger and believe you are mature enough, that is fine. 4. No drama: If we see any members starting drama/provoking other members, that person will either be removed from the guild or muted in guild chat.

5. Communication: If you want to raid with us you MUST have Raidcall or some other way to communicate with at least one other player in the group.

6. Discussions: We promote an In-Game Guild Chat that does not have to be related to the Game itself, but please do not jump on controversial subjects.

Recruitment: Anyone can join Zephyr Coalition. Our motto is that Even a Newb can become an Elite. As long as you are willing to work on your play and get passed your mistakes you are welcome.

As I did in SW:TOR I would like to design a community of games that can depend on each other. A community where we can enhance the experience of every player, a place where everyone is a familiar face, a place where people looking to tackle any/every aspect of the game can go, and of course a place where we everyone can sit down after a long day and enjoy the people they are surrounded by in game. The Guild is designed for small to medium sized from 50-100 active players. The council for ES:O is still being considered as more is revealed about the game.

If you have any questions feel free to PM or post on here.
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