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ZOS Plz Counter The Leaked Vid

Started by Artarius Aetius
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As we all know the video leaked was a poor display of ESO. The player clearly was trying to hurt the game. He portrayed poor combat skills and failed to display the heavy attack and dodge mechanic, to a person who doesn't know much about ESO this looks very bad.
One of my guildies who is currently in beta told me that ZOS told them that the Pax east build was a newer version than the current beta build. So what is shown at pax east is a more recent build. So its understandable that the graphics in the vid weren't so great. I did however notice the graphics were set to custom, which clearly hints that not everything is on ultra. While some graphics options were set to ultra the player did not scroll down to reveal the many other graphics options that very well could have been set to low (you could clearly see he could have scrolled through many more graphics options). Even then the game stills looks pretty good. We all know how great the game looked at Pax East and that the leaked beta video doesn't even compare.

I believe Zenimax should counter this video and silence any negativity with a legit 20-30 min play through narrated by Nick Konkle.

@Tecca Can this get closed i accidentally submitted it prematurely
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