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 Seamus (May 28th 2013 at 06:59 AM)
Well enough. You keeping ahead yourself?
 Velaskae (May 12th 2013 at 08:08 PM)
Balkoth, welcome back!
 Velaskae (March 27th 2013 at 04:16 AM)
Balkoth, oh sounds exciting. Hello thar!
 Velaskae (March 20th 2013 at 05:34 PM)
Balkoth, yeah, I've been getting back into LoL. They reworked my favourite champion so I have to relearn her.
 Bignasty (March 16th 2013 at 04:23 PM)
oh hell yea doe that mean you're gunna get a new bike? :D
 Seamus (March 16th 2013 at 05:19 AM)
Right now going to work, might pass out when I get back. We HAVE to gent on vent/skype and game though this weekend.
 Seamus (March 15th 2013 at 10:47 AM)
Yeah bro, I actually have seen that movie. I can't pronounce the lead actors name Chiwetel Ejiofor, but he is an EXCELLENT actor. He could easily be an "A" list actor, I saw him in Step Brothers and Serenity.

Redbelt is really down to earth, its not an amazing movie, but I like where the writing brought it. Man, that dude is fucking awesome though, I love when he deflects all those knife blows and tells the cop "can I go? I didn't throw a punch." lol

Good movie, that actor is really good and pretty bad ass at martial arts.

 Velaskae (March 14th 2013 at 06:04 AM)
Balkoth, nah, I haven't seen it.
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