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Rethas Othirus
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A strong arm to slay the weak.

An iron heart that knows no fear.

And a foul mouth to boast about it!

Such are the virtues of the pact!


All hail Vehk and his Buoyant Armigers!
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 Aryth (January 27th 2013 at 05:31 PM)
Rethas Othirus, I never thought about a back story... I feel a compulsion to work on one now. How far along have you gotten?
 Aryth (January 27th 2013 at 10:23 AM)
Rethas Othirus, I had no idea that you posted on here. Haha. It goes well. And how are things for you?
 Acrowe (January 24th 2013 at 05:48 PM)
Rethas Othirus,
Not a whole lot, yanno, just coding some HTML because I wanna learn how :D
 Rethas Othirus (January 24th 2013 at 05:40 PM)
The Guestbooks need a 'delete message button'. It looks so dopey that I posted in my own guestbook.
 Najla (January 24th 2013 at 05:38 PM)
*Waves frantically at Rethas* :D
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